The Healing Power of Pets: How Animals and Humans Heal Each Other

Whether its dogs, cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs, these animals are healing.  They exude pure unadulterated unconditional love.   The love they feel for us is, in turn, the love we return to them.  These animals sleep with us, they eat with us, and their happiness is our happiness.  While not all humans sleep with their pets, you understand what I’m saying, right?

Given that we are flawed as humans, the greatest thing is that our pets do not believe in flaws.  Whereas humans, we get bogged down by the nitty gritty of life and our flaws can cause great detachment and sadness, our pets just don’t see it.  Sure, they get upset with us at times and vice versa, but their unconditional love for us is enduring and will continue until the end of their days.

Photo: Jay and Sgt. Carter

Photo: Jay and Sgt. Carter

Our lovable and adorable pets accept us completely.  There are no strings attached.  If only all of the loves and relationships in our lives could be that incredible and amazing.  Even in our darkest moments, our pets can lift us from the depths of the despair to the throws of laughter until it hurts.  Their love is infectious and therefore heals us without even trying.

Did you know that studies have proven that, for individuals with high blood pressure or deep emotional anxiety, when therapy animals are around, it relaxes the body and therefore relaxes their pressure?   I believe our little pets ooze love as if it’s going out of style.

In the end, we must love, cherish, and honor our pets.  After all, they are our BFFs, and we are theirs.  The love and admiration is mutual.  Enjoy each and every moment with them! x


Cover photo credit:  Dog by Bravor1X @ Pixabay

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