Help! How can I get my psychic abilities back?

From time to time, we all suffer from falling into some type of little rut!  It’s to find the motivation or belief that you’ll be able to get up and dust yourself off!  Without that belief system, it would be difficult to even get up in the mornings!  Karen wrote in feeling worried about not being able to reconnect with her senses after a smudging experience.  This week’s video answers her question on how she can regain her psychic abilities, following a few simple steps!  Karen writes:

Hi Jay, My office and myself was smudged to get rid of negative energy. Before this was done, I would think of things and they would happen. I would think of someone and seconds later, they would call.  I would ask for things to happen and they would!  Now it doesn’t happen since I smudged.  How can I get it back?  Karen

Reference video:  How to rid yourself of nasty entities in 5 easy ways

Photo Credit:  Fantasy by Kellepics @ Pixabay

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