Inherited Gifts: Family Curse or Blessing?

Inherited Gifts! Are they a family curse or blessings? I’d like to think that the gift that was passed down to me from my mother was a blessing.  Growing up,  however, I always believed it to be a curse because I didn’t understand it. There are so many people who have gifts of all kinds.  Some passed down from generation to generation, while others don’t know where it came from.  My mother always said that a “G.I.F.T.” was “God’s Influence Flowing Through” so that we could help those around us in need.  To this day, I wholeheartedly agree!

Thanks to Christina Savard to wrote:

Hi Jay! I have 4 children at home 17,11,11 (twins) & 8. Each of them have come to me at different times of their lives and have told me they see/feel/hear things. When my 17 year old was about 8 he claimed to have seen a dark hand coming towards his face as he lay in bed….. fast forward 9 years and my second son (whom is 8 1/2 years younger) claims to have seen a dark hand coming towards his face as well, never hearing his older brother talk about what happened to him years prior! My daughters used to “talk” to their friends “Julie” & “Layna” when they were around 3-6 years old and now feel & hear things in our home. Since I was a young child I have felt & seen many things. I am very intuitive as well. My grandfather passed 17 years ago but I keep seeing his date of death on the clock (at least 6-10 times a week). My question is… have I passed this on to my children? And is someone/something following me? Do my boys have anything to worry about?

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