Why Do People Die the Way They Do?

Having experienced a near-death drowning at the age of 4, I often wonder how I’m going to come into my final days. It seems I’m not alone as many people tell me that they often think about how they are going to die, or often ask why their loved ones would have chosen to die the way that they did! Thanks to Deb for opening this forum on why people die the way that they do and the subject of my video. Deb writes:

Hi Jay, I participated in your online chat tonight and had asked this question. Why did my son died the way he did? You see my son is Adam. He is the little boy on the billboards along the highways in northern Ontario and throughout Canada, Let’s Remember Adam STOP for the School Bus. He died at the age of 5 after stepping off the school bus in front of our home . I’ve always felt and believed that Adam died that way for a reason. Part of me believes it would be so we could now have his school bus safety message put there to protect other children . Part of me wonders if it’s karma to correct a past life decision. I would love your thought on this and your thoughts on anyone who dies ? Thanks so much. Soulmate member ❤ Deb

Photo Credit:  Mystical by Fapro1 @ Pixabay

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