Summer Angel: A Message from Above

She looked so tired, as if she hadn’t rested in months.  The circles under her eyes, obvious to see she has endured an emotional turmoil of sorts. Her hair framed her frown perfectly, her burden evident from afar. She didn’t say much at first, as she listened to me explain what it is that we were going to do. She offered no information, and didn’t care to choose her cards.

“Sylvia”, I said. “What a beautiful name.” Smiling, she nodded in agreement. “I’ve chosen Angel cards for you because I feel a deep loss has overcome you; you wear your heart on your sleeve!” She agreed that she was grieving. As I started to read for her, she validated the two energies that had come in to visit. “RO” was clear to me, “Robert” as she named him as being her brother by the events that I had recounted about his life.

The other was “Al” as I heard it, “Alex” as she called him, her father who passed a few years afterwards. She laughed and interjected to add details to the stories I was telling her. About 40 minutes into the reading, I asked her if she had any questions. She replied that there was a reason she had come to see me. Her voice said it all. Desperate in her request, she said “Jay, I came here for a purpose today. So many have told me of what you do, and that my daughter came through in someone else’s session here two weeks ago with a message for me. I’m sure it was her, the details were too accurate.” I apologized to her telling her that I didn’t feel her daughter’s energy. She pleaded “Jay, please, do you think you can ask her to come in?”

After some time, there was nothing that I sensed. I told her that I didn’t want to waste the time she had left in trying to bring her in. As we were discussing her daughter, I felt a sudden overwhelming rush of energy, warmth, love and understanding. I couldn’t see what it was until I blurted out “February 13th”. I looked at her and said, “February 13th, what does that mean to you Sylvia?”As the tears welled in her eyes, her trembling voice said “Kara, my daughter’s birthday”. I told her, “I have someone here who tells me this date February 13th has significance. She has a message for you. I’m sorry mom, I couldn’t make it. I tried running faster, but I just couldn’t do it.” I asked her if she understood, and she nodded yes as the tears ran down her face. She asked me to ask her daughter if she came to visit her often, because she couldn’t feel her around.

I told her that her daughter did visit her. I started to recount the details of her day before her appointment with me, which consisted of a shopping trip for shoes and lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sylvia was beside herself and couldn’t believe the accuracy of the statement I had just made. She was trembling and wanted to hear more. Suddenly, the surge of energy penetrated my entire being, as if I was swallowed by a blissful loving and unconditional being. Tears came rushing from my eyes as I said “Why did you cancel your summer holidays? Your daughter doesn’t want you to cancel them. She’s sad that you’re no longer living your life because she’s gone.” “Don’t cancel summer mom, I want to come and play at camp and have fun with the other kids”. Sylvia, shocked by what I had just said broke down and told me the story of the loss of her daughter, Kara.

Gothic by Darksouls1 @ Pixabay
Gothic by Darksouls1 @ Pixabay

“Jay, my little girl was only 8 years old. She was killed just weeks before school was out and before our summer holidays, as she was getting off of the school bus. I was there with my youngest son who wasn’t of school age yet. As she got off of the bus, a note a young boy had given her dropped out of her hand. The wind carried it away. I guess she must have been afraid to lose it, so she chased the note Jay. But by the time she looked up, it was too late. The car was coming faster than she could run from it. She died in my arms, my baby was gone right there Jay. So, she’s right when she said she couldn’t run faster, and just couldn’t do it.

Since then, we haven’t celebrated summer or gone to camp ‘cause it was her favourite time of year. It’s just too hard. My boy saw it too. Oh Jay, why did God have to take my baby?” We cried together, and I apologized because this had never really happened to me before. All I wanted to do was hold this stranger, so that she could feel the love I had experienced, the love that was meant and intended for her from her daughter.

“Sylvia, your daughter is now with your father and brother. They take such good care of her and she visits you daily, but you see, your daughter doesn’t want you to stop living your life because she’s not here. She wants you to continue to live, because she lives on within you.  Her memory is never far away, the love she gave still within your heart. You must celebrate life again; she wants this for you and your husband. “As she wiped her eyes, a smile came through as if to light the room. “Jay”, she said, “I’m so happy, I can’t wait to tell my husband all about what happened today. I don’t know if I can ever celebrate my summers again, but I know that I’m going to really think about it. I have a few months to decide. It’s been so long since we have, maybe it’s time we start”. And with that, Sylvia left with a sense of relief, a knowing that her daughter is around her all the time, and that she really doesn’t need any signs to know it. She just does!


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