Whitney’s Reading: The Spirit that follows her

Not long ago, I put a random invitation out on Social Media for 50 people to join me for a Jay LIVE! “Just Ask Jay” Session.  It was time to give back to those who needed it most.  Afterall, everything happens the way it’s intended to.   I offered the 2 hour session on a first come, first serve basis, for those who were seeking answers to the questions that they had, or who wanted to hear from the spirits closest to them!  I’ve always had the ability to connect wherever the energy may be.   The session was recorded with the intention of later sharing segments of these connections to demonstrate how this energy comes through… even at a distance!  I love Spirit!

Thank you Whitney, and the Spirit that follows her. His presence was validated by his knowledge of events occurring only moments before I met with her, knowing how to get her attention, details of events she recalled from years gone by. Our loved ones are always around, whether we feel them or not!  The chain of events around Whitney over the last two days proved without a doubt that her grandfather had been watching over her and her beautiful daughter.  Check out this video!  Warning: Kleenex may be required!

A big hug goes out to all who participated and allowed this to be recorded! Love you x

Photo Credit:  Woman by DarkSouls1 @ Pixabay

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