Among the many things rattling around my skull, approaching the concept of Witchcraft with mental illness gives me the most pause. When one’s brain is chemically imbalanced, it poses an extra layer of guess-work and mistrust to most subjects. Not least of which is those things that profess to healing or control. Read more

Between the lines is where I live. Where I operate best. It’s my identity and my mission statement. Between the lines is how I like to splash my colors and watch them bleed through; even my tattoo spreads beyond its black borders. I am drawn to the suggestion of structure, and yearn for the freedom to push beyond it. Read more

My privilege is enormous and my history, although rich in culture of its own, is predicated heavily on colonialism and delusions of grandeur and the Judeo-Christ figure. And linzer tortes. Eventually, I grew old enough to recognize and understand cultural relevancy. That was the time I first felt disconnected. Read more

The magic I know today, I know because I grew up reading it. But when I looked for it out here in the real world, I couldn’t find it. No matter how often I chased it… Read more

Brain Weasels: “You are or you aren’t a witch. Magic isn’t real. Everybody will think you’re goth. You can’t even do magic. You don’t really believe, anyway. What are you going to do, go join a coven and wear enough silver to drown in a swimming pool? Please. Everyone will only look down on you. Don’t be just another fad!” Read more

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