The default in the pagan circles should not be, “I will encroach upon your comfort and define you as my goddess to worship and touch unless you specifically tell me otherwise.” That’s wrong. It’s also pervy; nobody should be touched without permission. Nobody should be subjected to idolization unless they choose to be. Read more

I have a problem. I mean, I have many, but let’s just focus on this one for now. In short: I have no goddamn patience. Who’s surprised? Anybody surprised? Anyone? …Bueller? Yeah, didn’t think so. A lack of patience is not great for the concept of, well, anything short of saving somebody from a burning car or something similar. Patience is the hallmark and cornerstone of just about everything worth having and, rather counter-productively, the hardest for me to master…. Read more

They say that humans are trained to spot connections where there are only coincidences. I tend to. Two or more things will happen at once (don’t things of significance happen in threes?) and I’m suddenly drawn to it like it matters. Yet…I also believe that sometimes a spade is just a spade and not the Queen of Wands. Read more

“…The name of your husband, wife, lover, favorite politician, film star, or most hated dictator will all be equally magically potent, so long as they give you that extra little kick to stir your deep mind out of its usual sluggish sleep.” (Paul Huson) Pop culture evocation, anyone? Read more

There’s this little self-deprecating idea in my head: a story or book or something titled Confessions of a Part-Time Witch. Is that a thing that exists? If not, it should. I’m not qualified to make it happen; in fact, I don’t even qualify as “part-time”. Is “occasional witch” a thing? “Unreliable witch?” I kind of like that one. Unreliable in all things except moodily staring off into space and feeling utterly out of place in this one-dimension world… So deep. SO PATHOS. Read more

When playing D&D, I shy away from clerics or paladins. Rangers and sorcerers have long been my favorites; no divine calling in either. I honestly had no idea what being chosen by a god was supposed to look like. What does it do? How does it proceed? What am I supposed to feel? See, or hear? How does it work?  Read more

I was beginning to think I’d lost my abilities to read—one of the few mystically oriented things I am comfortable in saying I am good at. My confidence took a beating. Read more

Among the many things rattling around my skull, approaching the concept of Witchcraft with mental illness gives me the most pause. When one’s brain is chemically imbalanced, it poses an extra layer of guess-work and mistrust to most subjects. Not least of which is those things that profess to healing or control. Read more

Between the lines is where I live. Where I operate best. It’s my identity and my mission statement. Between the lines is how I like to splash my colors and watch them bleed through; even my tattoo spreads beyond its black borders. I am drawn to the suggestion of structure, and yearn for the freedom to push beyond it. Read more

My privilege is enormous and my history, although rich in culture of its own, is predicated heavily on colonialism and delusions of grandeur and the Judeo-Christ figure. And linzer tortes. Eventually, I grew old enough to recognize and understand cultural relevancy. That was the time I first felt disconnected. Read more

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