Hillary Insists Your Backwards Religious Beliefs Must Be Changed….

By United States Department of State (Department of State) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

"Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving women access to “reproductive health care and safe childbirth.”  That's the message Hillary Clinton delivered to the 2015 Women in the World Summit on Thursday, April 23.What she means is that Catholics and other Christians who find abortion abhorrent must be freed from their backward faith so that women can kill their children up through the date of delivery, without fear of repris … [Read more...]

HEY KIDS! Are You an Inventor? Do You Want to Change the World?


 Are you a budding creative genius?Well, here's your chance to put that creativity to work:  Inspired by the upcoming Disney movie "Tomorrowland," the Walt Disney Studios, Disney Citizenship, and XPRIZE are announcing a nationwide challenge for young innovators age 8-17.Beginning April 22, 2015, Disney's Create Tomorrowland - XPRIZE Challenge invites kids to imagine themselves in the future and report back to the present through video imagery or stories about one new and a … [Read more...]

How “SCHINDLER’S LIST” Influenced the Director of “LITTLE BOY”: My Interview with Alejandro Monteverde

Little Boy 1

"At the end of 'Schindler's List', you saw Schindler crying. Asked why, he explained that he could have sold his car and saved one more.  He had saved so many Jews from extinction, and yet he felt guilty he had not done more. I asked myself:  'What am I doing for others? Am I doing all I can?' " --Alejandro MonteverdeAlejandro Monteverde is writer, producer and director of the new film LITTLE BOY, which opens in theaters across America on Friday, April 24.  Monteverde talked with me las … [Read more...]

More Nuns for Britain, But Fewer for the U.S.

Backpacking nuns attending the Beatification of Pope John Paul II in May 2011 (Photo:  Kathy Schiffer)

Why are more women attracted to religious life in Britain, while the number of new vocations continues to decline here in the United States? According to new statistics just released in the United Kingdom, the number of vocations to women's religious orders in Britain has tripled over what it was only five years ago.  And in 2004, there were only seven women who entered British convents, taking the traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. According to The G … [Read more...]

Jesus, a Ghost? What Does the Catholic Church Teach About Ghosts?

Image of a ghost created by double exposure in 1899

It's finally Spring in our corner of the woods, and we've begun the laborious task of raking, bagging, and lugging the bedraggled remains of Winter from our front yard.So it was that I, cleaning the remains of Winter's storms from our front lawn, found myself in casual conversation with a neighbor who is "spiritual but not religious"--and so it was that I heard about The Ghost.My neighbor believed The Ghost to be the restless spirit of a man who'd lived in his house long ago.  "I first sa … [Read more...]

Catholics in San Francisco Respond: Mass Mob Planned at Star of the Sea Catholic Church

Fr. Joseph Illo and Fr. Patrick Driscoll, Star of the Sea Catholic Church (Photo from Facebook)

When Fr. Joseph Illo, the pastor at San Francisco's Star of the Sea Catholic Church, announced his decision to train only boys to be altar servers, some parishioners and others protested.  Amidst the hullabaloo, the media jumped at the chance to criticize both Fr. Illo and his beleaguered bishop, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.Religion News Service quoted Fr. Illo, who explained his reasons for enacting the policy: The first...is that “boys usually end up losing interest (in altar service) … [Read more...]

Breaking: Vatican, American Sisters Strike a Deal

Some very good news!  The Vatican and the American Sisters have acknowledged their common mission and officially ended the multi-year Mandate for reform of the LCWR.In a joint statement and final report released April 16 by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the Vatican and the American Sisters announced the completion of the Mandate and announced their common understanding regarding the future of women's religious … [Read more...]

Did Turkish Hackers Shut Down the Vatican Website?

Vatican website hacked

Could this be true? Several news websites are reporting that the official Vatican website, vatican.va, was hacked and taken off-line Monday night by Turkish protesters who objected to Pope Francis' use of the term "genocide" to refer to the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by Turkish forces in 1915.Theodore Shoebat reported on his website that the hacking was done as an act of revenge against Pope Francis for his exposing of the Armenian Genocide. The Stack repeats the story, adding the … [Read more...]

Tweeting with GOD: Bold New Evangelization for a New Generation

Tweeting with GOD

I review books all the time--and I enjoy reading them, enjoy shiny new ideas well elucidated, enjoy the interplay of paper and ink and sometimes leather.... But it's not every day that I read a book and think, "Oh my gosh, I've got to buy another copy for _________ and one for _________ and one for __________."Poised to become an international bestseller, Father Michel Remery's just-released book Tweeting with God is a slicked up hot rod of an evangelization tool--answering every question t … [Read more...]