In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to challenge the sexist doctrine found in most fundamental/evangelical churches in our nation today. It seems antiquated and yet, women are still being kept beneath men in a myriad of ways within church culture. It’s a manmade glass ceiling we, as women and brave men that care, must shatter because our young girls are counting on us to pave the way out. The time is up for male dominated churches and… Read more

With death brings life, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas is being resurrected. The recent mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which was named after the American journalist, activist, feminist,  and environmentalist that died on May 14, 1998. At the time of her death at age 108, her co-autobiographer, John Rothchild said her death was the only thing that could “shut her up” and added, “The silence is terrible.” Yet, her words from the grave are deafening,… Read more

This morning, America’s pastor, Billy Graham has passed away. In his 99 years, he has preached a myriad of amazing sermons, counseled presidents, reached many of “the lost”, and spent his life on a quest for Jesus Christ. His influence on the church is anything but minimal, and he deserves to be remembered and thoughtfully honored. Throughout his life, he has spoken many beautiful ideas. Not everything he said or believed coincides with what I believe, however, he did string… Read more

“This would be the first step in apostasy; men first forget the true, and then adore the false.”   C.H. Spurgeon Have you been called an apostate? Back-slidden? Wayward? Perhaps you’re riddled with guilt that by walking away from your childhood religion is the unpardonable sin of apostasy. Maybe you’re scared of the questions that circulate in your mind, and feel shame for even having them. I know how that feels. I know how heart-breaking it is to not fit… Read more

Forget diamonds, I’d rather have a dog as my best friend, or God, they’re a lot alike. This morning, bright and early, I received a phone call from my ex-husband telling me that I can have his dog. He’s done with her. The crime? She took two stinky massives on the floor and chewed up his comforter. I knew he wasn’t serious of course, just being dramatic, because this dog, is the sweetest, most loving, loyal dog I’ve ever met,… Read more

 Look to him, and be radiant; so your faces shall never be ashamed. Psalm 34:5 Shame. It’s everywhere. There are millions of reasons to feel it every single day. You can’t escape it, nor will you ever, as its the consolation prize of being a flawed human. Not only do we feel shame individually, but others place it upon us. It’s a heavy self-loathing parasite that belongs among the weeping and gnashing of teeth. It has taken me many years of feeling shame… Read more

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last two years baffled. Hurt. Frustrated. Angry as hell. America seems to be in a state of blatant insanity. All of us pushed to the point of madness to speak out, no matter the cost. When is enough, enough? We have a president that makes Nixon look like an angel, and yet, still, the parade marches on saluting the empire. What would it be like, I wonder, if I was an ant… Read more

“The problem I am submitting to you arises not about prayer in general but only about that kind of prayer which consists of request or petition…. I have no answer to my problem, though I have taken it to about every Christian I know.”  C.S. Lewis Prayer has taken quite a beating in the last few years. As weather catastrophes, human suffering, mass shootings, and global tragedies are in our face daily due to the recent development of the world… Read more

Pride goes before destruction,     and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 I had a great fall one time. I’ve had several in my life, but one comes to mind as the greatest one I’ve experienced. Eventually it happens to us all, as there is nothing that can stop it. The moment when your ego is crushed and your spirit is full of conviction. Those times when all you can do is apologize profusely to whatever higher power you… Read more

Can you imagine Jesus calling Haiti or other countries in Africa “shithole” countries? Yesterday in the Oval Office, Trump questioned why the U.S. would admit more immigrants from Haiti and Africa, as he rejected a plan by a group of bipartisan senators which would change the entrance rules for these countries. While arguing his opinion, Trump referred to Haiti and countries in Africa as “shithole” countries. People in the meeting have confirmed the “shithole” statement, but of course, Trump is denying it. While… Read more

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