God is the sunset, with her hues of purple, red, and hints of gold. He’s the snow that falls in the night, only so she can sparkle like diamonds at dawn. He’s a labyrinth of adventure. She’s a wing of safety, freedom, and Love. She’s the Life in your Spirit, and he’s your blood on fire. We are God, together. A piece of God, alone. God is everything. God is…Everyone. He isn’t outside. She lives within. Waiting to be noticed…. Read more

Approximately 2000 years ago a Jewish man began walking the earth, speaking revolutionary words and performing healing miracles. He didn’t speak English. He wasn’t American or Christian. He wasn’t a democrat or a republican. He was just a man. A 33 year old man with a regular blue collar job. A carpenter who left it all to “back-pack” across the Middle East and spread his message. He spoke of loving others. He spoke of using non-violence to solve conflicts. He… Read more

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