Practicing together #2

My altar at home

This past week, I noticed that even a few minutes of conversation can feel sweet and build connection when I choose to talk about the most important things.

This coming week, I invite in clarity and connection to my deepest intentions.

I could do this by coming up with a word or gesture or sigil that will remind me of those things.  Taking a long, hard look at my calendar.  Prioritizing practice, which always leads to greater clarity.

What went well: I took a kid friend on an adventure this weekend and it was great! She was a rock star, we had a lot of fun together, and I got to connect with some lovely parents who I don’t always see much of as we took turns watching a gaggle of kids in the pool.

Updates from last week: Last week, I invited in calm and not hurrying, and even though there were some big waves in my world, I felt smoother riding them than I feared I might, and I remembered that I have tools quite a few times, even though I didn’t always use them.  Hooray!  I did not visit with Time, ironically, and would still like to.

Practice along with me in the comments!  You are invited to use any part of this format that feels helpful, and of course, if you see this later in the week and want to chime in, that’s still great.

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