Practicing Together #3

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Hello, Monday!  Here you are, and here we are, practicing together.

Last week I noticed how much more spacious my life felt when I had (blizzard-enforced!) time to catch up on a bunch of small things I’d been meaning to get to.

This week, I invite in the superpower of letting go.  I’m traveling later this week,and there are lots of pieces of that I’m not in control of, and that’s okay.  Quite probably, not everything I would like to get done will get done, and that’s also okay.

Ways this could happen: I could practice letting go of little things.  I could hand off things that I know I won’t be able to get to.  I could delight in not having to worry about things that are beyond my control!

What went well:  I spent two full days snowed in and had heat, power, and an internet connection throughout. I read magazines and finished a book, caught up on all of those small things, took long, hot showers, made a little bit of art, and still got a delicious amount of sleep.

Last week, I was looking for clarity and connection.  I got clarity in different ways than I was expecting, both through things being unexpectedly hard (turns out some unexpected thing are important!) and through finding clearer ways of thinking and talking about some tricky topics.  To me, that feels like a lot of good connection also, so I’m getting curious about where I’m perceiving disconnection.

Play along!  As always, you are welcome to notice and invite at any point during the week.

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