Practicing Together #15

sunny leavesThis is our ritual: we practice together on Mondays.  Or on not-Mondays!  You can join in whenever you like.

This past week, I noticed that sometimes I don’t want to make good choices, but prefer to play out my patterns instead.  Even when I can see those patterns clearly and am aware that I have other choices I could engage, there are times when making that choice can feel hard.

This coming week, I invite in centeredness.  A massage therapist asked me the other day “how do you want to feel at the end of this massage?” and that was what I said.  It sounds true: centered, to me, means grounded and connected both, and I love that balance.

Ways this could work: I could use one of the centering practices I know.  I could notice when I physically get off my center.  Some way I haven’t thought of yet!

What went well: I spent the weekend out in Western Massachusetts, which is beautiful this time of year, getting ready for one of my favorite things of the year!

Reports from last week: Last week!  You guys, last week, I forgot to post this, about which I am sad.  But it’s a chance to point out an important thing about practice, which is that sometimes, we fall off, and the goal is really just to get back on.  Hello, horse!

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