What is wisdom?  Follow the canonical progression of wisdom books.

Proverbs: There are two women.  Choose Lady Wisdom and reject Lady Folly.

Ecclesiastes: All is hebel .  Death looms.  Therefore, eat, drink, rejoice in the wife of your youth.  Joy in your wife is the way to Lady Wisdom.

Song of Songs: A man rejoices in his bride, eating and drinking a feast of love.


Wisdom is about sex:  Proverbs says, Choose the right woman; Ecclesiastes says, Cling to her in defiance of decay; the Song says, Love brings you back to the garden.

Or: Fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom.  Joy in defiance of death is wisdom coming to maturity.  Fulfilled wisdom is knowing that love is as strong as death.

Or: Proverbs is priestly wisdom, distinguishing wisdom and folly.  Ecclesiastes is kingly wisdom, rendering judgments in the midst of darkness.  The Song is prophetic wisdom, the hope of future harmony.

Or: Proverbs is past; Ecclesiastes is present; the Song is future.

Or: Proverbs is the Father; Ecclesiastes the Son; the Song is the Song of the Spirit.

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