Among the Philistines

When the Philistines capture the mighty Samson, he seems tame enough. They mock and abuse him until the Spirit of Yah returns and Samson pulls down the house.

When the Philistines learn that the ark of God is in the Israelite camp, they’re terrified that “mighty gods” contend with them. But when the capture the ark, it seems pretty tame too. Then Dagon pays homage to Yahweh’s throne, and plagues and deadly confusion follow the humbled ark goes.

No wonder the Philistines worry to Achish when they discover David and his warriors marching among the Philistines to fight Saul. He looks plenty safe, but he could turn out to be a Samson or an ark.

The church has the Spirit of Samson; the church is the earthly throne of God; the church is led by the greater David. She looks weak, but Philistines are right to worry.

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