Adolescent business

Keeping people wandering in extended adolescence is good for business, says Thomas Bergler in The Juvenilization of American Christianity (6-7):

“People who know who they are, who think carefully about purchases, and who exercise self-control are harder to persuade to buy products they don’t really need. In contrast, impulsive people who are searching for a sense of identity, who are looking to salve their emotional pain, who desperately crave the approval of others, and who have lots of discretionary income (or are willing to spend as if they do) make ideal consumers. In other words, encouraging people to settle into some of the worst traits of adolescence is good for business.”

So, for instance: Sex sells, especially to adolescent males. And by dangling sexual enticements, advertisers help to keep adolescent males adolescent. Which makes them more susceptible to sexual advertising. Which is good for business. You begin to see the circle . . . .

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