Trinity House: A Pastor’s Perspective

As a Pastor I feel the Lord’s pleasure when I preach His Word. It is a deep joy to be called and commissioed to open the Word of the Triune God for the people of God. For most of us we thought we were opening that Word faithfully and fully. Then by our God’s kind providence we were met by James Jordan and Peter Leithart. Following that God-ordained meeting we were ruined
in all the right kind of ways. We began to realize that we were only giving God’s people a truncated word and not the fullness of His amazing Word. Because of the eyes of these men who were looking closely at the Word by the Spirit we received new eyes. Because of the ears of these men who were listening closely to the Word of God it began to sing for us too through their teaching.
The Bible exploded open like never before. The world exploded open like never before. We learned that our God had not only given us content but beauty. It was not just what He gave to us but also how He gave it that mattered so much. Finally the meal for God’s people actually filled the plate with all the goodies God had given in His Word. It was not just that we get to learn new
words like chiasm and the like. It was that the glory of the Lord was being revealed brightly through an opening of the Word that was simply breathtaking. The Word is deeper and more than we ever thought just by looking closer and seeing what our God put there. I have witnessed firsthand as a Pastor what kind of joy, delight, worship and obedience this brings to a covenant people. Of course, I did not come to this on my own. Like all of us I had teachers. And those teachers have been and continue to be James Jordan and Peter Leithart. So the thought of Trinity House dedicated solely to this with all of the implications for Church life, worship, family, work, rest and play just thrills me. The thought that these gifts might be in greater abundance and more readily available is simply the favor of our God. So it is with a heart full of gratitude that I highly recommend Trinity House. Blessings upon blessings upon this work I pray.

David Deutsch, Preaching Pastor, Grace Reformed Church of Camarillo, CA

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