Natural Sex Again

My friend Rich Bledsoe in response to a recent post on sexual ethics:

“it has been pointed out in relation to JD Unwin’s work, that the great, revolutionary destructions of traditional sexual morality (in Russia when marriage was virtually banned as bourgeois, and every form of deviance encouraged, and later in the Weimar Republic where rabid sexual excess and deviance were practiced) failed, and that the great tyrannies that followed re-instituted nearly puritanical sexual codes, in order that the populations might devote themselves with single minded fervor and energy to the ends desired by the totalitarian regimes. 

“They knew full well that sexual discipline is tied to ‘social energy,’ as Freud taught, and Unwin proved. They also knew that homosexuality is inherently tied to every form of deviency and rebellion, and therefore suppressed it. Single minded devotion to a higher cause that demands all energy (whether Jesuits, Calvinists, Communists or Nazis) always demands sexual order and discipline. One might argue (as did Moral ReArmament, to great effect) if we do not choose purity by grace under God in liberty, then it will inevitably be thrust upon us by some tyranny. 

“Unwin showed that sexually disciplined peoples regularly overtake and eventually rule undisciplined peoples. We see this today with the higher sciences in our universities in America being dominated by Chinese and Indians. 

“All of this indicates that on some level, and at some depth, the truth about sex is known ‘by nature.’”

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