He Shall Crush the Head

Bible knowledge is at a low ebb, even among self-professed “Bible-believing Evangelicals.” What’s missing is not only knowledge of the details of the contents of the Bible but a grasp of its overall movement and shape.

Joe Anderson and Tim Nichols of have provided a valuable service with their recent release of the teacher’s edition of the first part of their co-authored Bible curriculum, He Shall Crush His Head. Each lesson gives pointers to teachers, lays out objectives, provides an outline for teachers to follow, suggests activities, and questions to evaluate students. The program is well thought out and would to teach.

Nearly have the book covers the book of Genesis, which the authors admit makes for a “lopsided” text. Their reasoning is revealing: “Genesis is the DNA of the entire Bible. . . . The rhythms and patterns of the biblical Story . . . are established here” (13-14).

This is rich biblical theology, a superb resource for training a new generation to live more deeply in the biblical story.

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