The Best (ish) Baby Bath

Do you go through a new baby tub after each baby because a) Either it got moldy so you threw it out, or b) You hated it so much you were going to try a different one for the next baby? Maybe you gave up on baby bathtubs all together and just bathe Bebe a [Read More…]

Having Another Baby With A Special Needs Child

Our daughter was a month shy of four years old when our new baby was born. Martha has not yet learned to stand, walk, or talk. She is incontinent, and relies on us for all of her grooming, dressing, hygiene, and transfers. While we hoped and prayed that she would be a big sister, it [Read More…]

Baby’s Birth Story

Our daughter, Francesca May, was born November 7, 2016. She was born on this day because it was the earliest possible day I was allowed to be induced. There was no way I was going to be pregnant a day longer than I had to be. I opted for an elective induction for three reasons. [Read More…]

When Nearly A Year Goes By

I’ve tried to write since July. I really have. But I couldn’t. I’m writing now, but just barely. The words are swimming in my head, but my time and heart is divided in numerous ways.  The time to sit and type is such a novelty that I hardly know how I can even be sitting [Read More…]

Revisiting Challenges

I posted on Facebook page last month the news that one of my daughter’s doctors was no longer in practice. We not only lost a beloved doctor, but it also presented a logistical nightmare for our family to maneuver. We live two and half hours away from a children’s hospital. Many families can live in [Read More…]

Back from Hiatus; Exciting News!

My last blog post was an embarrassingly long time ago. I have four kids home from school, and I made the unfortunate, first time mistake of really, really over-scheduling us for the summer. It’s been mostly fun. But too busy. Too many commitments, and not enough down time. I’m not reading any books, and haven’t [Read More…]

A Year Later

June marks one year in our new home. While each year has it’s own set of challenges, I look back on the first year in our home with extreme gratitude and happiness. It was last winter, and we were beset with anxiety over our home. We had bought the house only three years earlier, not [Read More…]

Stuff People Should Know: The Sharing Usurper

Whenever friends get together to chat, they naturally vent frustrations about things people do or say that, while thought to be common sense or basic manners,  fall short. I have a list of little courtesies called, “Stuff People Should Know,” and hope to make it a recurring post. The lucky victim of my first thrashing [Read More…]

My Manifesto on Prenatal Genetic Testing

Last fall I was at my daughter’s yearly appointment with her geneticist. A geneticist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and management of chromosomal syndromes and genetics. Martha is diagnosed with a rare syndrome known as an “Unbalanced Translocation,” in which genetic material trades places within the chromosomes. Martha is missing the [Read More…]

My Gluten-Free Challenge

I hate doing something because it’s the “in” thing to do, and out of principle, going gluten-free, or talking about a Candida problem is not something I’d readily admit to. Recently, several friends encouraged me to try a gluten-free diet. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and pain throughout the body, [Read More…]