Hello, Officer

For work to serve the common good, it must address people as humans, in human ways. Watch the policeman in this video to see how. No indication is given of this policeman’s faith or lack thereof, but the way he does his work brings a bit of unexpected shalom into some tough places. What can we learn from him in our own work?  What would you do if  you were in his shoes?

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About Chris Armstrong

Dr. Chris Armstrong is a professor of church history, author of Patron Saints for Postmoderns (IVP, 2009) and Medieval Wisdom: An Exploration with C S Lewis (Baker Academic, forthcoming), and founding director of the new Institute for Faith and Vocation at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL. Chris believes the reason Protestant evangelicals find ourselves urgently needing to have a conversation about "integrating faith and work" is that we have divorced our faith from our material and social lives.