About London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Since 1982 LICC has focused on two things:
· Envisioning and equipping Christians to make a difference in God’s world
· Envisioning and equipping church leaders to help them do it
Founded by John Stott in 1982, and now led by Mark Greene, LICC’s growing team not only works directly with individuals and church teams but has developed a wide range of resources to serve the church in the UK and internationally. Characterized by robust Biblical application, cultural insight and creative communication, LICC offers speakers, seminars, courses, consultancy for churches, weekly emails, downloads, free web resources, books, group resources, DVDs, and prayer journeys… all to help you make a difference where you are.

We only wanted a youthworker….

Where once retailers were strangers, they are now a united group, proudly sharing photographs of their joint achievement. Where they acted as competitors towards each other, they now act like a mini Neighborhood Watch group alerting one another to thefts and break-ins. Once again, something of the life-giving kingdom breaks through. [Read more…]

A tale of two hats

God has been at work in his people, in his church, in this land. And, no doubt, in you, in a myriad ways. We may not get to see the outcome in our lifetimes, but God is at work. [Read more…]