Day Sixteen: You are a Channel of Divine Abundant Life

You can choose to live by abundance or scarcity, or hope or fear. Today, look at the possibilities for growth in challenging situations. There are always more resources than meet the eye.

God’s vision for your life can be captured in Jesus’ words, “I have come that they might have life in its abundance.” God is on your side, constantly giving you possibilities, insights, and the energy to embody them in daily life. God wants us to be creative, adventurous, and active in shaping the world. But, the secret to living by abundance is sharing the resources you have. Like love, abundance expands through generosity and letting go of possessiveness. We are part of a spiral of abundance that embraces us and all creation.

We can expect great things of God and great things of ourselves in an abundant universe. What great work does God invite you to accomplish in today and in your lifetime? What great energies is God pouring through your life toward others? What new adventures is God inviting you to begin for your own well-being and the well-being of the universe?

Abundant life is for everyone – for you, but also for a child in the inner city, a family in Palestine, a Jerusalem teenager. This is not primarily about financial or material prosperity, but about joy and creativity, about having enough for yourself, but living simply enough to bring health to your neighbor and the planet.

Abundance is, first of all, a state of mind, heart, and hands in which we open to God’s diverse and wonder-filled universe. While economically prudent, the spirit of abundance insures that everyone has enough, in the words of the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, to “live” then “live well and live better.” This is “practical mysticism” in which our experience of God inspires us on a mission to heal this good earth. The whole energy of the universe is flowing in and through us – sustaining each thing and inviting each creature to grow and contribute to the beauty of the universe.

We can open to the flow of divine abundance by living by the following affirmations.

God’s abundance flows through my life toward others.
I share God’s abundance with everyone I meet.
I expect great things from myself and God.
I expect great things from myself and God (in a particular situation).

Scarcity consciousness contracts our spirits. Abundance consciousness expands the soul. Abundance opens us to seeing the well-being of others as essential to our own well-being. Our spirits expand to embrace the whole universe and the person next door.

Today, open to sharing abundance with everyone you meet. You can do this through a smile, a kind word, a recognition of the other’s value, and the support of persons’ quest for healing and wholeness. There is no “us” versus “them” in an abundant world. When others experience abundance, our own lives are enriched.

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