Day Thirty: Glorify God in Your Body

The body is described as the “temple of God.” This means that our care for our physical well-being is an ethical as well as spiritual issue. What we eat, our patterns of exercise, rest, prayer, and meditation are all part of our spiritual adventure.

Each person’s path to wholeness is unique, but overall well-being involves caring for our bodies as well as the bodies of others. Our diet is an ethical issue: as the saying goes, “live simply, so that others can simply live.” Do our eating habits help or harm persons in the developing world? A healthy diet, involving organic foods with less meat and processed foods, contributes to the health of the environment and the well-being of our human companions as well as to our own health.

Beyond diet, we can “move with the spirit.” We are meant for movement – to walk, run, and swim. All these can be prayerful activities. My morning walk joins movement, meditation, and intercession. I experience God’s energy flowing in and through me to bring well-being to others. Movement opens the mind and liberates the spirit – it is hard to stay stuck spiritually when we are moving physically. New ideas can emerge with every step as we let go of the past and move toward each step’s future.

Today, reflect on your well-being. What simple and healthy tasks can you begin or commit to, based on your overall health condition, life circumstances, and personality type? A great adventure begins with one step literally and figuratively. (Of course, if you aren’t used to exercising, please check with your healthcare provider.)

For today’s affirmations, consider the following.

I glorify God in my body.
I care for my body as a gift to God and others.
I choose to eat foods that are good for me and contribute to the well-being of

Rejoice in the day. Let the Spirit move through you as you move with the Spirit.

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