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Day Nineteen: You Can See God’s Presence in Enemies and Those Who Have Hurt You

Is it possible to see God’s presence in persons who have hurt you or whom you feel have been the source of injustice in relationship to you or others? This isn’t easy. Feelings of pain and alienation often emerge when I think of certain people. But, there are moments when I can gain a larger [Read More…]

Day Seventeen : You can Experience Holiness in the Least of These

We can experience God in the most unexpected persons and places. Awaken to the holiness of all creatures, and you will experience blessings as you bless others. “Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25: 40) In a [Read More…]

Day Sixteen: You Can Give and Receive God’s Love in Any Situation

Love is meant to be shared. We can in every situation, let God’s love and abundance flow through us to others. In sharing, we experience greater abundance – we let go of possessiveness and experience God’s ever-abundant love and energy as constantly renewing us. We live in an open-source, open-spirited, and open-ended universe. God’s energy [Read More…]

Day Sixteen: You are a Channel of Divine Abundant Life

You can choose to live by abundance or scarcity, or hope or fear. Today, look at the possibilities for growth in challenging situations. There are always more resources than meet the eye. God’s vision for your life can be captured in Jesus’ words, “I have come that they might have life in its abundance.” God [Read More…]

Day Fifteen: I Bless Everyone I Meet Today

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel proclaims: “Just to be is a blessing…Just to live is holy.” When we recognize our connection with God, we are always blessed and often beyond our expectations. Five loaves and two fish can feed a multitude. The healing, loving, and transforming energy of the universe flows in and through us, giving [Read More…]