Day Thirty Seven: We Can Experience Grace in Every Season of Life

Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Love is an all-season virtue. Our love for our spouse, partner, children, and dear friends persists in health and illness, wealth and poverty. God is with us in the all the seasons of life, and we can creatively respond to God regardless of our life condition.

Death is one of the greatest adventures not only because it takes us into the Unknown, but because dying is often painful and we are vulnerable and dependent on others. Our lives can witness to God’s love regardless of the circumstances. We can for others in our vulnerability. As our lives move toward a Larger World, we can bring the Love of the afterlife to our present life situation. Even if we can’t do anything else, we can always pray for the world’s healing and for the well-being of our loved ones. When we are dependent, gratitude and prayer may be our greatest gifts to God and one another.

Today’s affirmations invite you to become a Mahatma, a great-souled one, whose life embraces the holy otherness of those around you and shares in the universal love of God.’
I witness to God’s love in all the seasons of life.
I am at peace regardless of my life situation.
Nothing can separate me from the love of God.
I pray in all circumstances for the healing of the earth and my loved ones.

Bruce Epperly is a theologian, spiritual guide, healing companion, retreat leader and lecturer, and author of nineteen books, including Holy Adventure: 41 Days of Audacious Living; God’s Touch: Faith, Wholeness, and the Healing Miracles of Jesus; and Tending to the Holy: The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry. He has taught at Georgetown University, Wesley Theological Seminary, Claremont School of Theology, and Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is currently theologian in residence at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He can be reached at

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