Adventures in Healing and Wholeness: Global Healing

In a curious story, Jesus’ disciples return to their teacher, rather proud of themselves. (Mark 9:38-41) They report: “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him because he wasn’t one of us.” They expect to be congratulated for maintaining the purity of Jesus’ teaching. Instead, Jesus tells [Read More…]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #17 – A Gradual Healing

Most healing is gradual and imperceptible. The healing of a sight impaired man is interesting simply because it is recorded in Mark’s Gospel (Mark 8:22-26). When Jesus first lays hands on the man, all he can see is a blurred vision of the world. Jesus has to touch him a second time for him to [Read More…]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness – Many Paths to Healing

In the healing of a speech and hearing impaired man, Jesus employs spittle along with healing touch. Spittle was vested with curative power in the ancient world. While today, we might consider spittle a folk remedy, it was seen as medicinal in Jesus’ time. From our 21st century perspective, we would say that Jesus was [Read More…]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness: An Empty Tomb and an Open Future

Most scholars agree that the original version of Mark’s gospel ends at Mark 16:8. There is no image of a physically resurrected Christ, just the promise that Christ is going ahead of us. Now, I happen to believe the resurrection reflects the real experience of transformed lives. But, its truth is in the rolled away [Read More…]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness: Good Friday Means You Don’t Need to Suffer Anymore

Good Friday means you don’t have to suffer anymore.  While following your dream – God’s vision for you – may entail sacrifice, it is not demanded, nor does God desire that you suffer to find healing and wholeness.  Jesus came that we might have life in its abundance.  While we may choose to sacrifice (and [Read More…]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #14 – Healing and Curing

Mark 6:53-56 states that all who touched the fringe of Jesus’ garment were healed, regardless of the disease. While this might imply some sort of magic or supernaturalism, the point of this passage is that God responds to every situation of pain and illness, whether of mind, body, spirit, or relationships. God seeks abundant life [Read More…]

Adventures in Healing and Wholeness #12 – Practicing Sabbath Time

Today, many people suffer from hurry sickness. Their attitude toward time is literally killing them. Many of us multi-task, go from project to project, make ourselves available 24/7, and don’t know how to let go of our tasks when we’re off duty. Hurry, or time sickness, is a matter of attitude; it is also a [Read More…]