Day Fifteen: I Bless Everyone I Meet Today

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel proclaims: “Just to be is a blessing…Just to live is holy.” When we recognize our connection with God, we are always blessed and often beyond our expectations. Five loaves and two fish can feed a multitude. The healing, loving, and transforming energy of the universe flows in and through us, giving [Read More…]

DayFourteen: You are Always Connected with God

The practical meaning of God’s omnipresence is that wherever you are, God is present, guiding, inspiring, and bringing synchronous events into your life. You are always in the circle of love. One of my favorite passages from scripture comes from the Apostle Paul’s sermon at the Areopagus, the Athenian marketplace of ideas. In the course [Read More…]

Day Thirteen: God Wants You to Grow

Jewish spirituality describes God as hovering above every blade of grass, whispering “Grow, grow, grow.” God wants you to grow. God wants everyone to grow. Like a good parent, God does not compete with us or see our achievements as challenging God’s glory. In fact, God’s glory, creativity, and power in the universe expand when [Read More…]

Day Twelve: The Mind of Christ Constantly Inspires You

You are never alone! Help is on the way! Guidance is as near as your next breath! Wisdom is your constant companion! This is the heart of the Holy Adventure. Moving through every thought and emotion is God’s presence in “sighs too deep for words.” While all religious traditions recognize that life is challenging and [Read More…]

Day Eleven: You Can Grow By Embracing Your Whole Life

Your life is an adventure in self-awareness. Embracing your whole life – strength and weakness alike – is an adventure in creativity, affirmation, courage, and transformation. Following his baptism and experience of God’s affirmation of his vocation, Jesus went on a forty day wilderness retreat in which he faced the ambiguities of being God’s chosen [Read More…]

Day Ten: You Can Grow in Wisdom and Stature

Growth is at the heart of life. You can embrace a wider world with new perspectives and new visions of yourself and others. You can grow in love, service, and wisdom by opening to God’s resources in your life. “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and humankind.” (Luke 2:52) These words [Read More…]

Day Nine: God’s Light Shines in Your Life

You are the light of the world. You are a reflection of God’s wisdom. Now is the time to let your light shine to bless the world. Jesus once told his followers, “You are the light of the world….Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory [Read More…]