Affirm the Sacred: Marriage

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.” -Song of Solomon 8:6

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Thanks to the generosity of friends at Coldwater Media, who created this film and provided Manhattan Declaration the opportunity to promote it.

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  • Eileen Johnson

    I believe most evangelical Christians are convinced from Scripture and personal conviction that marriage is defined as between one man and one woman, but what we are not yet convinced of is that union is for life – one man, one woman, until death parts them!

    • westfield

      I think people do or don’t do what offends them personally, not necessarily caring about what is offensive to God.

    • Rory Flick

      To Eileen,
      “but what we are not yet convinced of is that union is for life – one man, one woman, until death parts them!”
      Mark 10;9
      “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”
      Pretty straight forward! The problem is their are so many who think they are, or say they are Christians and are NOT. They are hipocrites. They do not read ALL scripture. Only what they like to read.

    • Nancy Hansen

      I couldn’t have said it more succinctly nor clearly than you did!
      God is the sole creator of the Sacred Union between a man and a woman.
      And Jesus admonishes us not to try to take it apart. Only death has the power to separate.
      As long as our spouses are alive, we are still married in God’s eyes.
      Caring more what God thinks than what we think, would profoundly impact our country – our faith, our marriages, our children, our economy etc.

    • Michael Snow

      We have found so many excuses for not keeping covenant for life, kinda like in Jesus’ day. And when Christians take the step toward divorce, most churches sit and watch the train wreck. Oh, they do pray about it:

  • westfield

    I have a question: First, I am a Christian, and I have signed the Manhattan declaration.
    My question is, if we affirm that religion can not be pushed upon anyone, (“No one should be compelled to embrace any religion against his will, …”), and if we know that Christian marriage is between a man and a woman, then why do we care all that much about civil marriages? I really am asking this question, please don’t berate me.

    • chani

      We care about civil marriages because we care about the KINGDOM of OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Our society cannot function in peace if sin against HIS Word is rampant and unrecognized. Every society before us that did not have a moral foundation based on one man one woman family has perished – they were destroyed from within because they became so corrupt they could not defend themselves.
      We , as HIS childredn, do acknowledge that we cannot force anyone to accept FATHER’s WORD or values but we can stand in love, telling and living THE TRUTH. Light draws – dark repels. We, as FATHER’s children want to be instruments that draw the sinner towards HIS LIGHT!!! With HIS Love.
      Thinking and asking questions is a sign of desiring to know HIS best, so keep thinking and asking questions because HE will give you HIS answers and you will become more like HIM!!!

    • Rory Flick

      Because are job as Christians is to TEACH the Gospel and SAVE SOULS! If necessary we use words!

    • Charles

      Here is a point that no one seems to have considered – integrity, specifically the integrity of words. Just as we use various words such as 90° angle, acute, and obtuse to name different relationships between two lines joined together, shouldn’t we also use different words/terms to distinguish different relationships between two people? Marriage historically has always applied to a male/female relationship. It was used within a sacred/religious context before civil government became involved. Companies, for example, create logos, brand names, etc. (which are copyrighted and) which government protects. Shouldn’t government protect the definition of words, particularly words that have a religious origin and that large numbers of people do not want redefined? In fact, no where in the U.S. Constitution have “We, the People” granted government authority to redefine words for legal purposes. There really is a very grave, unrecognized danger here in this battle to redefine “marriage”. If the Supreme Court should rule in favor of redefining “marriage” (based on a false argument of equal protection which assumes redefinition), then a very dangerous Constitutional precedent will have been set giving government authority in the future to redefine any and all words it so chooses. Do you really want to give government such power? This is a road to tyranny!
      A solution to this dilemma is available. Just as with angles we can maintain the integrity of the word “marriage” as referring to a male/female relationship and create a term to denote a similar male/male relationship and another to denote a similar female/female relationship. That provides clarity. Legal rights can be provided using these terms. If we are not going to consider such a solution, then why not conflate other terms? Why not just call all adults “female”, since “male” is already included in that word. Think of how much that could reduce paperwork! No need to check boxes as to gender. That also saves dealing with transgender issues.
      Does anyone else care about integrity of language? Or has our society become so accustomed to manipulating words to get our own selfish way that we now just assume a right to make words mean whatever we want them to mean?

      • char

        YES!!! …and keep the word “parents” defined as a father and mother.

      • http://Yahoo james

        ,Sir what a great article i do not say that to praise you but to thank you .One of the really good things that has come out of all the mixed marriage talk is that Christians are circling the wagons.I believe that our faith is being strenghened for the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. One famous man in history who once said ((truth wat is truth )) is now well below the radar but OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST .son of the living god is still well and truly alive ,and always will be.

  • Jan Neff

    A friend told his wife awhile back that after 25 years of marriage, he wanted out and God had told him their marriage was to only be for a season. I told him I was sure he had heard that message but it wasn’t from God, since He can’t go back on His word. But another friend had a great answer. Well yes, marriage is for a season, and the season is til death do you part! Wish I had come up with that one.

  • Yvonne

    Next stop after same sex marriage: plural marriage. And then: no age restriction. And of course: no species restriction. Marriage, an institution that protects and values women and children, will be passé.
    This is not wild speculation. When “love” is the only requirement and “social equality” is the issue, these changes will follow and are already in the works.

    • Bob

      “And of course: no species restriction.”. Yvonne, you and yours make me want to throw up.

  • Mary Quesenberry

    I got divorced 13 years ago after 22 years of marriage (the last 2 we were separated) and remarried right away. I had been a Christian since I was young, graduated from Bible college, ministered in different ways in the church, etc. I lost my sister to cancer, and my ex-husband and I lost our home and our jobs, all within about a month. I had slowly gotten away from my walk with the Lord and I became very angry. It took about 7 years for the Lord to lovingly draw me back to Him. I am not happy with my husband now; we are living on separate floors in our new house. But I can see how divorce is wrong (except for infidelity, or if an unbelieving spouse walks away from the believer) and I do not plan to get another divorce. In the meantime, have ruined my family over it. My teenage children later fell into sin because of me. My young grandchildren, who are being raised in Christian homes, don’t understand why my ex and I are not together anymore. My children have given them simple explanations for the moment, but will have to go into more detail as they get older. My pastor, now deceased, used to always say “Play with sin and you will become sin’s plaything.” It is a sin to go against God and I am paying for it now, as well as my children and grandchildren. I am thankful that God is faithful and has forgiven me, and I am blessed that my children are doing much better and trying to follow Him. And God is using me now to lovingly advise others who are considering divorce to seek His face and realize that the price is way too high for disobedience. A non-Christian co-worker, who thinks everyone should get a divorce if their marriages aren’t good asked me if I didn’t think God wants me to be happy. I told her “Not necessarily. Happiness comes and goes with circumstances. God wants me to have inner joy and an abundant life, and that only comes with obedience.”