Wheaton College counselor resigns, admits support for same-sex marriage

Julie Rodgers, advocate of the notion of a “gay Christian” identity, resigned from her position as ministry associate for spiritual care at Wheaton College (IL) on the same day she admitted her support for  homosexual relationships. The news was confirmed by LaTonya Taylor, the college’s director of media relations, in an email: Julie Rodgers recently [Read More...]

Manhattan Declaration Summer Reading List

Summer is here, and with it a number of new books on topics of interest to Manhattan Declaration signers. Here is a list of five of the best: MARRIAGE IS: HOW MARRIAGE TRANSFORMS SOCIETY AND CULTIVATES HUMAN FLOURISHING From Manhattan Declaration Executive Director Eric Teetsel and Andrew Walker of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty [Read More...]

Cattle ranchers and my Q Tip

My good buddy Matthew Lee Anderson thinks I am wrong about the inclusion of David Gushee and Matthew Vines at the upcoming Q conference. You should read the piece. Typical Anderson, it is smart, nuanced, and characteristic of the fearlessness known only to those sure of Christ’s love and confident of his victories already and still to come. Like [Read More...]

Colson, Conversation, and Questions about Q Ideas

by Eric Teetsel and Owen Strachan We don’t spend our time patrolling the lineups of Christian conferences, but this morning we happened upon a list of speakers at the upcoming Q event in Boston. We were dismayed to see the names David Gushee and Matthew Vines, each speaking on one of two panels featuring Christians with different views about homosexuality. For [Read More...]

Bake for them two, or walk with the few.

Recently, many friends have shared a blog Bake for them two. The post seems to have struck a chord with folks from across the theological and political spectrum. According to the blog’s homepage, it has garnered over 300,000 views since April 1. The author, Jessica Kantrowitz, admits that she does not consider gay marriage immoral, but aims her words at Christians [Read More...]

There is No Need to Fix Indiana’s RFRA

Things are moving fast in Indiana, and not for the better.  After passing a reasonable religious freedom protection law, the state legislature was cowed into gutting the law by a fierce coalition of LGBT activists, politicians and corporate cronies. These unnecessary revisions put Hoosiers of every faith in a worse position than they were in before [Read More...]

Straightforward Answers about Indiana’s RFRA Law

Last week, the Indiana legislature passed and Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, joining a long list of states that have passed a version of the federal RFRA law passed with near-unanimous support from Congress in 1993 and signed by President Clinton. The purpose of the law is straightforward: RFRA requires that laws [Read More...]

Wearing William Penn’s Hat

Tonight, the Manhattan Declaration visits Philadelphia. I’ll be speaking on religious liberty at the National Constitution Center, along with an outstanding list of friends. As I finalized my remarks here on the Amtrak, I was reminded of a story I first read in Michael W. McConnell’s Harvard Law Review article The Origins and Historical Understanding of [Read More...]

“Haven’t You Read?” Answering a modern-day Pharisee

A new book by Matthew Vines claims that Christians ought to affirm same-sex love. The arguments are not new, and have been thoroughly refuted. Still, the youthfulness of the author and his profession of Christian faith are a twist, and at a time when the Church is wrestling with the prevalence of same-sex marriage it [Read More...]

Jars of CLAY in a World in Need

In a secret vote held yesterday, the pro-life student group at Yale University was denied membership in the Social Justice Network of Dwight Hall (an organizing entity providing resources for dozens of service and activism groups on campus). From First Things: Last night Yale’s campus pro-life group—after a year in which they participated in meetings [Read More...]