Publications by Dr. Gafni

Your Unique Self

The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment

Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Integral Publishers


In this provocative and profound book of enlightenment teachings written for both the secular and spiritual communities, for both the beginner and the advanced seeker, a new teaching is shared, which is coming to be referred to by many people as the New Enlightenment. This award-winning book is being hailed a modern masterpiece that integrates the best insights of spirituality, psychology, mysticism and social consciousness into an evolutionary tour de force of heart, mind and spirit.


Radical Kaballah

2 Volume Set

Copyright: 2012
Publisher: Integral Publisher


Marc Gafni’s two-volume academic treatise on Radical Kabbalah presents the extensive research and analysis underlying key dimensions of the Unique Self teaching. Compared by Prof. Richard Mann with the work of Elaine Pages on the Gnostic gospels, called “magesterial” by Sally Kempton, and described by Zack Stein as a work that comes around “once in a generation,” Gafni introduces in this work the enlightenment teaching of what he terms non-dual humanism. The two books in this set provide material and analysis that will intrigue all readers interested in Kabbalah and the subject of enlightenment.


The Mystery of Love

Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Atria


In his follow-up to the national bestseller Soul Prints, renowned philosopher and beloved spiritual teacher Marc Gafni addresses the ever-important issue of our erotic connection to the universe. The Mystery of Love takes us on an extraordinary journey that illuminates the path toward all-encompassing and enduring love — one that enables us to experience the full eros of living. With clarity and compassion, Rabbi Gafni teaches us how to live with passion and love in all facets of our lives. The Mystery of Love begins with a radical new understanding of loving, drawn from the ancient wisdom texts of the Kabbalist tradition, and explains how ten unique qualities of sexuality (The Hebrew Tantra) can serve as our spiritual guides in the creation of a loving, passionate existence in every dimension of our lives.


Soul Prints

Your Path to Fulfillment

Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Atria


Marc Gafni follows in the tradition of M. Scott Peck and Ram Dass, bringing compassion and wisdom to everyday experience. Addressing our age-old desire to feel connected, he uses spiritual stories to teach us how to live fuller, happier lives. The secret is to “live your story,” and we do this by identifying our true, unique selves — what he calls our “soul prints.” Only then can we connect on a far deeper level with the world and with those sharing it alongside us.


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