Mt. Rainier: Home of the Paranormal!

First, there was Kenneth Arnold and the birth of the UFO phenomenon. Then, there was the recent interdimensional portal that opened the other night.

  • Chris M

    Oh, great. They fixed the Bifrost apparently.

  • Michael

    The terminator has arrived.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Krang? Is that you?

  • victor

    Looks like the Goa’uld missed the right mountain by a few states.

    • MClark

      Lol! SG1 saves the earth again!

    • Jmac

      I thought they hit Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago? Or was that a different System Lord?

  • Ted Seeber

    That’s where all the Skookums went! (for those who don’t know Chinook Wawa, that’s the local word for Sasquatch or what the whites call Bigfoot).