I’m not seeing the suffering here

Downie kids get murdered in the womb by the bushel to “prevent a life of suffering”. “Lives of suffering” is generally Boomer code for “lives of inconvenience to Boomers”.

  • http://davidgriffey.blogspot.com/ Dave G.

    How beautiful. What a kid.

  • http://www.wanderingheretic.com Caine

    What wonderful parents

  • http://themusicalmonk.blogspot.com/ Michael Kevin McCleary

    As the brother of a woman with Downs, I can not comprehend what a true butthead (or more so) I would be without the gift of my sister.
    Through her God tried to teach me patience, compassion, and simple joys that us “normal” folks miss.
    He also used this gift to teach me to stand up and fight for those who can’t.
    thanks for posting this

  • MikeTheGeek

    That made my week – and it had been a lousy week up until now! May God shower his blessings on both her and her parents – at least until she’s declared an unperson by the Government.

    Dang – I just took my week back into the pits. Look at the picture, Mike. Concentrate on the sweet little girl…okay, better again.

  • Ted Seeber

    Thank you for this Mark. I will refrain from the unwanted obvious political comment.

  • http://www.sherryantonettiwrites.blogspot.com Sherry

    My son has Down Syndrome. Before we had him, we thought we had big hearts, having 8 kids. He made all our hearts roomy. (We now have ten).

  • bones

    I’d just like to give a shout-out to a couple that attends my local church. They own children are grown up, and rather than settle into ‘retirement’, they adopted a young boy from China whom has Down Syndrome.

    They’re incredible! I hope one day I have half as much chutzpah as they do.

  • bones

    *their own! drat

  • Franciscan

    Amen. Thank you for this.