I oppose maniacs killing children

Even when it’s legal.

40 years is too damn long for this slaughter to have gone on.  End Abortion.

  • http://Www.SaintLouisAcupuncture.com Dr. Eric

    Abortion will only end when the vast majority want it banned. Only 27% of people want it banned, about the same amount who wanted to stay illegal in 1973.

    • Kristen inDallas

      Nah… abortion will end when they stop making money off of it. Capitalism, my friend.

  • http://Www.SaintLouisAcupuncture.com Dr. Eric

    In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of abortion in Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton. The court had 6 justices who were nominated by Republican presidents and 3 who were nominated by Democratic presidents. So much for the “vote Republican so we can overturn Roe v Wade” argument.

  • Dude

    Above comments refer to “demand”. The post is about limiting “supply”. Anti-abortion action in the political arena focuses of necessity, on supply reduction, while pro-life action in the cultural arena focuses on demand reduction. Both are important as the outcome is fewer dead children.

  • Oregon Catholic

    How ironically twisted. The instrument of death looks like a demonic stork. It’s just needs a bloody bundle of body parts hanging from it’s jaws to complete the pic.

  • obpoet

    Notice how the teeth face outward. A voracious appetite. Designed no doubt to be inserted into the skull, ripping outward, thereby imploding the skull to allow its extraction. And they complain about the war on women.