This is a Humor Concept of Funniness

After examining the above image and grasping the humorous play on words (which turns on the fact that “serif”, a design feature of the letter S in this particular typeface sounds like “sheriff”, a term in English deriving from “shire reeve”–an officer tasked with the gathering of taxes who even eventually became a figure of law enforcement, and thus an authority figure who figures in the Bob Marley tune “I Shot the Sheriff”), it is customary to laugh at the humor concept of funniness.

  • S. Murphy

    I’m glad you explained it so clearly. I wouldn’t have gotten it.

  • M. Trammell

    Thank you, Mr. Spock.

  • honzik

    But I did not shoot the DPI.

  • Obpoet

    I am just wondering whose profile is in the bullet hole.