Tom McDonald is right

The Imaginative Conservative (along with the American Conservative) has become one of the few organs of conservative opinion left that I respect. Tom writes: Ralph Nader Understands Conservatism Better Than Most “Conservatives” Probably because he wants to conserve something. [Read more...]

One California Town’s Answer to Police Brutality…

…has lowered the use of force by 60%.  It’s pretty simple: the cops are required to wear video cameras while on duty. One unexpected side effect of the surveillance state is that the police are being watched too. So when some cop decides to show a guy in a wheelchair who is boss: or bash [Read More...]

I love Walk Off the Earth

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Some people will see this meme…

…and concur that we need a more efficient police state to keep an eye on all those undocumented workers who work for crap wages and are thoroughly integrated into our economy enough to be exploited, but not to have rights–as the author of the meme intends.  Others, like me, look at it and think “Those [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I have been praying non ceasing for 4 weeks since my husband first told me he wanted divorced, it seems the harder I pray the meaner he gets about this, please I need everyone’s help to pray to Our God the Father that he would soften my husbands heart about me and [Read More...]

The Drama of Faith…

…means that we live our lives as priestly sub-creators. [Read more...]

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on the Air

I recorded an interview with Northwest Catholic which will air Your interview will air on AM 1050 – Sacred Heart Radio from 8/21 – 9/8 on the following days/times. Monday 11:00 a.m. PDT Thursday 6:30 p.m. PDT Saturday 3:00 p.m. PDT Sunday 8:00 p.m. PDT You can stream the show on your computer when it [Read More...]

No wonder we feel so much safer

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Catholic Music is Busting Out all Over

First, of course, is my fellow Patheosi’s bluesy new CD Late to Love, based on the work of St. Augustine. If there was ever a Catholic theological rationale for the blues needed, Augustine, the guy who gave you original sin, is the man to provide it. (Okay, actually it was Adam who gave you original [Read More...]

Prayers and Works of Mercy

A reader writes: A young friend of my wife and I is trying to raise some extra $$$ so she can attend Franciscan University at Steubenville this fall. Both of her parents are unemployed right now so she set up a “Go Fund Me” page to help. I thought your readership might be able to [Read More...]

When Two Diseased Forms of Spirituality Fight

You get stuff like this: Spiritual blindness is funny stuff. [Read more...]

James Foley prayed the Rosary in Captivity

The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians. – Tertullian Our present civilizational conflict is between an inflamed and evil form of spirituality and a watery and evil form of spirituality, with the Church caught in the middle and perpetually tempted to side with one or the other, but called by God to be [Read More...]

White House Knew ISIS was Going to Murder Foley

On the bright side, the President has developed a killer golf swing. [Read more...]

James Foley, RIP

May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. [Read more...]

Heather King is Such a Refreshing Voice

Here she is on avoiding the Catholic left and right.  Huzzah! [Read more...]

Karl Keating on the Latest Insanity Emerging from the Greatest Catholics of All Time

He writes: “THAT WAY MADNESS LIES” — King Lear In the current issue of “The Remnant” there is another article that never should have seen print. It is an article that will lead many readers into confusion and may lead some right out of the Church. And it’s an article that suggests that “The Remnant” [Read More...]

NPR does an interesting piece on our militarized cops

here. The problem, of course, is not primarily with the cops but with the policymakers who give the orders and are assiduously working to transform the police from peacekeepers in a free society to instruments for treating a subject population like threats, enemy combatants, and cattle. The weaponization and militarization of the cops tells you [Read More...]

A Chance to Do a Work of Mercy for Syria

My name is Sr Paschalina Marie. I am a member of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in Spokane, WA. Deacon David Kruse, a transitional deacon of our diocese, and special operations veteran, is responding to an inspiration of the Holy Spirit to undertake a mission he has called Operation Saint George, to [Read More...]

Regina Doman is offering 20% off

…on everything from Chesterton Press–in honor of her 20th Anniversary. Good stuff! [Read more...]

Michelle Arnold Tries Her Hand…

…at speculative fiction. Check it out! [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: I sent you a prayer request about 4 years ago when my husband was laid off from his job. He was out of work for a few months then but then found a contract job that he worked for three years. That contract ended last year, and he hasn’t been able to [Read More...]