The Great Thing about the Party of Personal Responsibility…

…is that when its prophecies are shown to be dead wrong, it never has to take any. [Read more...]

Japanese John Denver Fans, Because Why Not?

[Read more...]

Question about Magisterial Failures

A reader writes: I was baptized but not raised in the Church and in my adult life am slowly and cautiously working my way back there. I love your blog and your books, and I was hoping you could bring your articulate, coherent, and intellectually honest style to bear on a problem I’ve run into. [Read More...]

Reckless Scientists in Communist China Treat Human Beings Like Commodities

Rush in and do gene modifications because their ideology regards humans as nothing more than unusually clever piece of meat to be subjected to the caprice of human will, pride and greed: The resulting embryos were a total mess. After applying CRISPR to 86 embryos, 54 of the surviving 71 embryos were genetically tested. Only [Read More...]

Heartbreaking and Beautiful

Eternal memory! [Read more...]

Elizabeth Stoker-Bruenig has a Smart Look at Pope Francis

She is a rare bird: a lefty who takes seriously not only Francis as a Catholic with a heart for the poor and the week, but an orthodox Catholic Christian who gets that the faith really is about the revelation of Jesus Christ crucified and risen, including all that mystical spiritual warfare with the devil [Read More...]

The Benefits of Belief

…are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

School to Student: You march right back home young lady…

…and put on something more revealing! Muslim student get the boot for wearing skirts that are too long. [Read more...]

Dawn Eden in L’Osservatore Romano

They have a review of My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints. Check thou it out: [Read more...]

“Connecting the Dots” is coming up at 5 PM Eastern

on Real Life Radio! Today, we Sheas are on our Hidden Island Redoubt, so we are delving into the archive of chats with my Friday co-host, Steven Greydanus, about all manner of movie, culture, and theological stuff. You can listen in on line here. And all the shows are now available in podcast form here. [Read more...]

We’re Off…

Also, we’re leaving! The Sheas are headed out to their customary Memorial Day Weekend at our Hidden Island Redoubt, far from the paparazzi and tabloid journalism that typically dogs my steps as America’s Most Portly Catholic Writer. Sometimes the glitter, the supermodels, and the cocaine-fueled parties by the pool full of gold coins become cloying [Read More...]

A reader urgently asks for help

She writes: Urgent prayer request, Mark, I left my ex over a year ago. It hasn’t been easy. Today is the last day to get my phone bill paid (no more extensions) and it’s my lifeline with the kids. Please pray we get the $110 to keep it on and keep going. Thank you! Father, [Read More...]

“Ordinary”, Timothy Quigley’s web series about life in a small parish

…has run into a bit of a hitch and could use our help.   [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy

Diane Korzeniewski writes: In your mercy, please see the plight of this family at Assumption Grotto with five young children and baby 6 on the way. The father was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and it appears to have returned.  The mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  Her aunt set [Read More...]

Demented Home Invasions by Police…

…in Wisconsin. Bizarre. [Read more...]

Ascension Presents Ascension Presents!

Jack Maguire as Ascension Press writes: Something big is about to happen. We’ve been working hard here to put together a platform with lots of videos specifically for Catholics called Ascension Presents. Ascension Presents is an evangelistic platform bringing entertaining, faith-filled, and dynamic presenters straight to followers’ newsfeeds. By providing engaging content for our audience [Read More...]

Support the Center for the New Evangelization

Paul Catalanotto writes: In the midst of the culture wars, I thought your readers my take some comfort in some of the things going on at my school.  Saint John XXIII College Preparatory in Katy, TX is in its 11th year and is dedicated to keeping the Catholicity in Catholic schooling.  Our enrollment is nearing [Read More...]

St. Peter Damien, Komminniss

It should be noted that he who takes from the wealthy rather than from the unfortunate to provide for his brother who are in need, or who supports some pious work, or, more importantly, who relieves the poor in their necessity, should not be counted an avariious man, but as one who justly moves common [Read More...]

Tesla Seems to be Doing Good Work

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An Irish Reader on the Gay “Marriage” Push in Ireland, as well as Other Stuff

He writes: Saw Leah Libresco in conversation with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland on YouTube. Personally I think the man has a lot of motivation in anti Catholicism but heck. One thing that struck me is the veritable absence of philosophical dialogue in Ireland. (“Ye what?!”) It is over 20 years since I heard Neoplatonism [Read More...]