Pope Emeritus Benedict on Papal Interviews

The Concept of Preventive Clarifications is Not in the Catechism. I love Eye of the Tiber so much! [Read more...]

Today’s Francis-Bashing Right Wing Noise Machine Panic

There goes that arch-heretic Francis, talking about responsible parenting with his rabbits comment. The Church has nev– 2368 A particular aspect of this responsibility concerns the regulation of procreation. For just reasons, spouses may wish to space the births of their children. It is their duty to make certain that their desire is not motivated by [Read More...]

Clay Christensen on Religious Liberty

I agree and disagree with this. He is perfectly right that, in the words of Chesterton, when you get rid of the Big Laws, you don’t get freedom and you don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws. And so as we slide toward paganism, we inevitably slide toward a police/security state devoted to [Read More...]

Msgr. Charles Mangan writes…

I thought that you and your readers may like to know about an article that I recently wrote that has now been published into a pamphlet. It is “Our Lady, Catholics and Contraception” and has the imprimatur of my Bishop, the Most Reverend Paul J. Swain, D.D. Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Rigidity is the sign of a weak heart

Missed this when he said it, but it’s still true, whether we are talking about Reactionaries or Bronze Age Savages in Islam.  What the world takes for strength is typically a sign of brittleness. [Read more...]

Inside the Army’s Hidden Treasure Warehouse

No.  Really.  There is such a place. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and a Work of Mercy

Please pray for a co-worker of a family member, who committed suicide. In addition, a reader writes: Last week I sent a prayer request for my classmate, Paul Coakley.  Here is an update from today from his Facebook support page: Team Paul and Ann Coakley.  Please keep up the prayers for a miracle and that [Read More...]

Lovely to see near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade Day

Stanford docs defy abortion recommendation and remove tumor instead of baby. God bless ‘em. [Read more...]

March on for Life!

The Prolife Movement remains the single most consequential engine of respect for human life around the world.  It has, like the abolitionist movement 150 years ago, held the conscience of a world up to scrutiny that would just as soon forget the unborn and return to unquiet slumber.  It has gained ground over time (despite [Read More...]

Pro-Life Leaders Call for Unity in the Movement

Washington, D.C. (January 19, 2015) – A diverse group of pro-life leaders brought together by Life Matters Journal is announcing the Pro-Life Allies coalition in order to promote unity in the movement to abolish abortion. Speakers from Life Matters Journal, Feminists for Nonviolent Choices, New Wave Feminists, Bama Students for Life, Secular Pro-Life, And Then [Read More...]

Answering Episcopalian Delusions

An Anglican reader writes: Greetings from the hinterlands of Anglicanism. I was directed to a couple of your responses to the looney toon wing of the Roman church. I have enjoyed them, but I think I should let you know that as an Episcopalian who is 100% behind female ordination, all the way to the [Read More...]

Chesterton: A Spirit of Vatican II Bibliography

A bit of silliness over at the Register. [Read more...]

Freedom of religion vs. freedom of worship

The Constitution protects freedom of religion. The Left advocates freedom of worship. What’s the diff? It’s summarized by the NY Times‘ Frank Bruni: “I support the right of people to believe what they do and say what they wish — in their pews, homes and hearts.” In short, freedom of religion means religious believers can [Read More...]

Pope turns out to be Catholic

Opposes artificial contraception and gay “marriage”, fails to confirm upscale Episcopalian wannabe in her okayness. Hissy fit ensues. This is what happens when you believe your own banana oil about a pope upon whom you have chosen to project your fantasies–and he then fails to comply with your delusions. Anybody with both eyes open could [Read More...]

Victory is a Dish Best Seasoned with the Premature Gloating of Foes

They can’t say they weren’t warned.  I sent out to the slavering mob of Packers fans the following pre-game warning yesterday: Huge wind storm here in Seattle. I can only assume it is the Holy Spirit conferring his blessing on the world-conquering Seattle Seahawks. All nature is verily ordered, ranked and ranged to bestow upon [Read More...]

Father, hear our prayer…

…for Ashley Bridges, through Christ our Lord and the intercession of Mother Mary, St. Luke, St. Gianna Molla, St. Gerard Majella, St. Peregrine, and Chiana Corbella. [Read more...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: A cousin of mine has a tumor in her stomach. She has received conflicting reports on whether or not it is cancerous. Father, hear our prayer for her complete healing through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Peregrine, pray for her. [Read more...]

Destroy hatred, not enemies, to bring peace

…papal preacher says. Again demonstrating that the gospel is radically at odds with American culture. [Read more...]

Looks Like the Jig is Up!

Dr. Tom Horn and Steve Quayle join Sheila Zilinsky in a riveting show that will stun listeners. Find out the prophetic end time plan unfolding before your very eyes and the role that the Catholic Church plays in the emergence of the false prophet & Antichrist. You won’t believe what the Pope will say. I [Read More...]

Jazz-infused, hip hop, beat poet Peter Kreeft

Amazing mashup from a talk by my fave philosophy prof, Peter Kreeft: HT: Brandon Vogt, who has a genius for finding these little treasures. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests

A reader writes: A dear uncle of ours is having major open heart surgery today to repair his aorta. This is a very high risk surgery that has been in the planning stages for a long while now, and they have waited for almost a year for him to be stable to go ahead with [Read More...]