Prayer Request

A reader writes: I’m writing to beg prayers from you and your other readers for serious marriage troubles.  My husband has a drug addiction, and there are also other deep troubles that threaten us.  We have several young children.  Please intercede for us so that my husband will be saved from everything that besets him [Read More...]

I had the pleasure of meeting David Quinn in Ireland a few years back

His take on Tuam seems just about right: At some point, Christianity here became more about punishment than forgiveness – Christianity on this side of the Pond, particularly when it comes to the poor, often seems very similar. [Read more...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Hi Mark, I’m in need of prayers yet again.  Our financial situation keeps getting more and more dire, and I’m not sure what else is going to happen to us and whether things will ever get better.  Thanks. Father, hear our prayer that this family will find the financial provision they require [Read More...]

Hopefully, the law is finally catching up…

…with this vile priest. In March, the nonprofit group, which specializes in tracking problem priests, announced on its website that not only was Urrutigoity active in the Catholic church in Paraguay, but he had been promoted to the position of vicar general, essentially the second most powerful post in the diocese of Ciudad del Este. [Read More...]

Terry Mattingly Neatly Exposes the Attempt…

by the MSM to blame Tuam on “Catholic teachings”. The bigger this story gets, the smaller it looks. [Read more...]

Cancer-Stricken Mom Gives Up Eye…

…to save her baby. God love her. As heroic as anything that happened at Normandy. Father, bless her through Christ our Lord. And Mother Mary, pray for her and her baby. These are the secret, unnoticed people who hold the world together by the grace of God. [Read more...]

Thank You

May my dad’s soul and all the souls of those who fought that day, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and find honor in this life and the life to come, through Christ our Lord. [Read more...]

Another Maniac Exercises His Sacred Second Amendment Rights

…in my backyard, a few hundred yards from people I know and care about. Everyone I know is okay, but one family’s son (a boy my son’s age) is dead and three others are wounded in the umpteenth act of meaningless gun slaughter here in the Land of Meaningless Gun Slaughter. Meanwhile, the Onion captures [Read More...]

Eye of the Tiber Kills Me

Minotaurs and Krakens is Where Pope Francis Draws the Line [Read more...]

D Day Then and Now

Photos of D Day and the same locations today. [Read more...]

Caroline Farrow provides much-needed reason…

…to the current hysteria in the Anglosphere media surrounding Tuam. As I suspected, the portrayal of the home as Ireland’s Dachau is wildly overblown. It’s still a tragic story and one from which the Irish Church does not escape unscathed, but there appears to be a lot less There there than the UK media fulminations [Read More...]

Pope Francis Sacks Entire Board of Vatican’s Financial Watchdog

I love this guy so much. I have a Dominican priest friend (very big, far bigger than I am, on liturgical issues and quite staunchly orthodox) who said, “I don’t really expect Francis to be a big liturgy guy. The joke among us Dominicans is ‘As lost as a Jesuit during Holy Week.’ But if [Read More...]


So over on Facebook, some of the Good Christian Jihadis of Murka have already got their proposal lined up for how to avoid the mess and expense of all that tiresome trial and due process crap for this Bergdahal dude they have decided, on the basis of press clippings, needs killin’: Jihadi 1 ++He really [Read More...]

A reader cries out

“What do we say about the 800 dead children buried in a septic tank in Tuam, Ireland–by nuns?” I think “Horrible and shameful” and “Kyrie Eleison” is a perfectly appropriate response. They were human beings and deserved Christian burial, not this. As far as I can piece together from the story, it is an indictment [Read More...]

You Know When Christians Make a Bad Movie

…and then advertise it, not by telling you “This is a good movie” but by telling you, “This movie deserves your support because Christians made it and even though it sucks, you still have to go see it”? Well, it appears Planned Parenthood has adopted this marketing strategy. Upset with “Knocked Up” and “Juno” both [Read More...]

A gloriously inspiring story from Russia

A pair of Russian hunters out in the bush (or their equivalent thereof!) promised they’d get baptised if they got out of their situation alive. What happened next is straight out of medieval mythology. [Read more...]

Ancilla Domini Continues…

…her post-abortion walk. [Read more...]

A Chance for a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: If you have a chance, I would greatly appreciate it if you would promote a project that some of us here in the Diocese of Boise have been working on. Also, prayers for my father would also be appreciated. He has been battling cancer for about six years and is now in [Read More...]

It’s the New Age Bullshit Generator!

Pretty nifty. I clicked the link and was rewarded with the following wisdom: The quantum soup is full of ultrasonic energy. Nothing is impossible. We exist as atomic ionization. Imagine an evolving of what could be. Astral projection may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an ecstatic harmonizing of fulfillment. Through tarot, [Read More...]