O frabjous Day! The trailer for the Return of the King is online! [Read more...]


I discovered a quick way to be labeled a “Jew-hater”, a total supporter of the EU, and somebody who agrees with Everything Every Cardinal in the Vatican Has Ever uttered politically Just remark that “celebrating” the death of Edward Said is ugly and un-Christian, and you can get these and many other remarkable opinions attributed [Read More...]


Rod Dreher writes: I just put a blog up on the DMN site bitching about NPR’s reporting of the naming of the new cardinals, and praising John Allen for setting Bob Edwards straight this morning. Edwards, on Morning Edition, started his phone interview with JA by saying that John Paul is known to have spent [Read More...]


Many, many heaps and gobs of thankful gratitudinosity (and the surprise win of yesterday’s Pledge Week Last Day Contest) Still no final count cuz I’m waiting for various checks to come in (don’t forget to send ‘em!), but the Pledge Drive has brought in at least 3100 badly needed dollars. To all who have contributed [Read More...]


My heart bleeds for “disappointed” Australian dissenting Catholics Wait till they get a load of their long-awaited Vatican III and blow a gasket. [Read more...]


John Pacheco (St. Blog’s Wannabe Man in Canadian Politics) Gives His Version of the Debate (and requests your prayers for his campaign). [Read more...]


From our “Show me a Culture that Despises Virginity” files Lesbian dolls for grade school kids. [Read more...]


New film out based on John I’m rather skeptical of these things as drama. The idea of simply treating the gospels like a movie script strikes me as tone deaf both to the sort of literature the gospels are and the sort of art cinema is. I never much cared for the “Jesus Movie” they [Read More...]


You can find everything on line [Read more...]


Thinks Prolifers are Idiots but, like Arnold, He’s an Entertainment Icon ….so, of course, the Stupid Party wants him. [Read more...]


The one thing every prophetic voice needs to memorize Interesting piece on lonely conservative voices in the goose-step culture of academic leftism. What stands out is this passage: These dissenters lead interesting lives. But there’s one circumstance that causes true anguish: when a bright conservative student comes to them and says he or she is [Read More...]


A reader writes: I watched the first episode of “Joan of Arcadia” Friday night. With one exception it wasn’t too bad. The premise, that God appears to a teen-aged girl in various guises and talks to her, is strange, but given that God spoke to Moses through a burning bush and He speaks to all [Read More...]


An unexpectedly tender bit of prose from the normally acidic Christopher Hitchens in memory of Edward Said. A marked contrast from some of the allegedly Christian Apostles of Hatred who lurk St. Blog’s comments boxes and who “celebrate” Said’s death. [Read more...]


For all you poor saps in Cleveland… I recommend James Akin’s handy little guide Mass Confusion: The Do’s and Don’ts of Catholic Worship A useful book for anybody suffering under the regime of liturgists who think Jesus’ command was “Peter, try experiments on my rats.” [Read more...]


Now they tell us… [Read more...]


Cleveland Diocese Institutes New “Rite of Confusion” The plan appears to be to ask people to do stuff if they feel like it and then sit back and laugh while Mr. Smith attempts to follow the new protocol while Mrs. Jones refuses to. This will create “unity” in some Pickwickian sense understood only by liturgists. [Read More...]


A Dozen More Reasons to Drop your TV Off a Cliff [Read more...]


Greg Popcak speaks common sense Be sure to write Cdl. Maida and give him an “atta boy.” [Read more...]


And in the hands of Hillary, it will be put to even more ingenious uses… Dr. Frankenstein, call your office. [Read more...]


Indulging One of the Most Primal Appetites of the Human Species I give you (courtesy of the indefatigable Fr. Bryce Sibley) this site, dedicated to making the biblical case for polygamy. (And don’t forget to check out their extra-special “Christian Polygamy Fairy Tales” link. And, along with these offerings, I will now indulge an urge [Read More...]


Hard Cases Make Bad Law or… “French Pro-Euthanasia Forces Score Big Propaganda Victory in Their Struggle to Complete What Hitler Began” [Read more...]