How utterly original Madonnified Catholics write book making light of Catholic Church and caricaturing Catholics as sexually repressed. Profound Catholic thinker Bill O’Reilly does the profile of these absolutely cutting edge authors tonite and affords their Wacky Satire national exposure. Man! I sure am glad that somebody has finally had the courage to caricature Catholics [Read More...]

Haloscan Has Been Raptured! and my blog has been Left Behind!!!! [Read more...]

Mark at Minute Particulars labors to bring 21st Century Cutting Edge Atheists up to date …with pre-Christian Greek philosophy. (Scroll down to “Hanging a Hat on a Painted Hook”). Watching Mark answer Raving Atheist is rather like watching a handler trying to teach a rambunctious puppy to pee on the paper. RA has far more [Read More...]

I told you buses are forever “plunging” for Independent Media Minds I think the Vatican should crack down on plunging buses. [Read more...]

Has Andrew Sullivan ever read the New Testament? Somehow he divines from Reagan’s letters a challenge to the “doctrines of St. Paul” because Reagan had some residual guilt about sex which he seems to have overcome by believing the Noble Savage mythology of Rousseau and Margaret Mead. I can see a challenge to some of [Read More...]

Something to beguile the time… Just out of curiosity, I Googled “Vatican cracks down“. The results are hilarious! Four pages of links from various Independent Minds who appear to conceive of Rome as bestriding the earth like a Colossus, smashing the heads of traveling priests, divorcees, hand clappers, and liturgists, among many others. The Vatican [Read More...]

FatherHomeland Security: Keeping you Safe from Ohio Nuns The weirdness of American schizophrenia toward the State is nowhere more clearly seen than in the effortless leap we make, in times of national distress, to thinking that the lumbering and elephantine machine which charges $700 for a hammer and oversees both the IRS and the postal [Read More...]

I’ve listed some of the books I love here What are some of the books you love? (Mark you, I say, “love” not “think important Classics of Western Literature that Should be Read”). What books do you actually like to read when you can escape the books you feel you really ought to be reading? [Read More...]

I’m also a fun speaker A reader has the right idea: I’ve got a speakers bureau down here in Lafayette that might want to get you down. I am going to send the guy your information and we’ll see what we can do. I’m very grateful to those of you who have responded to the [Read More...]

Out with the old pieties in with the new. Colin Powell forgets himself, then hastily observes the new pieties. Not that he said anything untrue in describing the US as–overwhelmingly, I might add–a Judeo-Christian nation… for now. However, in speaking the truth, he offended against the pieties of Ruling Classes in this nation of Indians [Read More...]

Watched a *much* better version of Dune last night A couple months ago, I saw the stupefyingly expositional version with Kyle “Twin Peaks, The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas” McLachlan. Guy’s a Husky alum, so school loyalties compelled me to try, but man was it lousy. I gave up halfway through. But this more recent version [Read More...]

A reader writes: I am extremely annoyed by this paragraph from the linked article: Anne Karpf, a commentator for the British-based Guardian who bills herself as a “medical sociologist,” says the photos are “deeply disquieting” and ridicules the anti-abortion lobby for being “intoxicated with evidence of a fetus’ humanity.” (God forbid this cold woman ever [Read More...]

Wesley Clark I’m fascinated with the way American politics gives the illusion of being “of the people”. Last week, Rush Limbaugh was complaining (rightly enough) that Wesley Clark is a candidate nobody really wanted until the Clintonoids and Terry McAuliffe anointed him. Suddenly, without warning, he’s been declared the “frontrunner” and you have to ask [Read More...]

Why Christians Have to Get Their Act Together This technology is coming like a turbo steamroller. Catholics have to get their act together to help stem of the tide of the urge to reduce human beings to artifacts in the quest for ego-gratification, grant money, power and a name in the history books. [Read more...]

Blogger is apparently being twitchy today Sorry for the slow loading time. [Read more...]

Check out Godspy Nifty new webzine! See Jack Smith’s moving piece Encountering the Scourged Christ [Read more...]

D’ja ever notice that, if you only got your news from secular media… you’d think the Vatican was constantly “cracking down” on this and that? It’s like buses. They’re forever “plunging”. Orthodox people are always “rigidly” so. Anybody advocating the latest freakish departure from sanity, health, and common sense is “controversial”. And Bush lacks “gravitas”. [Read More...]

Rabbi Daniel Lapin on the Passion or, “Why the professional handwringing from the ADL, the NY Times and other Usual Suspects sounds so French.” [Read more...]

Good Morning! It’s Day 2 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week This is the one week each quarter where I ask for some small remuneration for my efforts to provide you with the sort of Catholic content, newsiness, fun, and so forth that is this blog. I’ll be honest. We (that is, [Read More...]

Interesting thread over at Amy’s One of the readers over there is arguing that the condemnation of Jesus was “ALL about collaboration, and not even a little about Jewish theology.” The argument appears to be that the “anti-Judaic” New Testament authors blamed the Jews for the rejection of Jesus because they didn’t dare blame the [Read More...]

Portly Porkers Protest Promotion Problems Look, I’m as fat as any of these people (300 lbs. +) and I find the idea of a “National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance” a laugh-milk-out-the-nose idea. I’m fat. With that comes the fact that people look at you with that, “Man, he’s fat!” look on their face. Kids [Read More...]