Good Morning! It’s Day 6 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week We’re in the Home Stretch of the Great Autumn Drive. You’ve done a phenomenal job so far and my dentist, exterminator, plumber, IRS collector, kids and mortgage really appreciate it–though not as much as I do. However, we have two more [Read More...]

Vote for McClintock! But he’ll make the Stupid Party lose in California! [Evil grin]. Yep. Sure will! You see, the leadership of the Stupid Party has traditionally held prolife conservatives at arms distance, but still firmly by the family jewels, saying, “Hey! If you don’t support us, the Evil Party will win. You wouldn’t want [Read More...]

Have I mentioned lately how worthless and unreliable Haloscan is? [Read more...]

A bit early, but still majorly cool What’s most impressive is that they kept the meaning, meter and the rhyme: Rudolphus, naso rubro, naso nitidissimo, si umquam eum spectes, dicas eum fulgere. Reliqui tum renones deridebant ludentes, semper vetabant eum apud ludos ludere. Deinde ante natalem Santa venit, et “Tu, Rudolphe nitide, traham meam duc [Read More...]

Mark Adams writes with a favor to ask youse guys: I just learned that I will be traveling on press junket to Jordan sponsored by the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. Could I be so bold as to ask you to ask your readers for good resources to learn about Jordan; its history, government, current [Read More...]

This… reminds me of my favorite apocryphal nun story about the sign on the convent grounds that read: “Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law” and was undersigned, “The Sisters of Mercy”. [Read more...]

Check out the Capuchin Franciscans! They’ve got a nifty new permalink icon rightcheer on my blog over on the left rail. They’re the Province to which Archbishop Sean O’Malley belongs. [Read more...]

The surest sign the Dems really believe their own propaganda about Bush “He’s a brainless sock puppet for powerful interests who only knows what to say because his handlers feed him his lines!” That’s the Dem drill on Bush. The trouble with the Dems is that they really believe this and, because Bush has been [Read More...]

Spunky Michiganders Speak Truth to Power [Read more...]

Steve Greydanus on Luther Steve’s more charitable than I am. The film appears to be a very well-made tissue of lies, hagiography, demonization, and half-truths. Not surprising, but still disappointing. Because the film now appears guaranteed to make its (few) viewers stupider about what Catholics believe than they were before they saw it, I offer [Read More...]

Infantilized Minority Brownshirts on the March More people in need of Insensitivity Training and bent on crushing any speech that makes them feel uncomfortable. [Read more...]

Feminist Brownshirts on the March! How long till Women’s Ordination is mandated as a Basic Civil Right and Wrong Thinking is punished accordingly by Caesar? [Read more...]

The California Stupid Party Gets in Touch with its Inner Rockefeller Who cares if his positions are indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton’s? He can *win*! [Read more...]

Michelle at And Then? argues with my blog about Edgardo Mortara Fair enough. I think her criticisms are just. [Read more...]

Everything that’s wrong with the phony sacrament of confession that is secularized psychology Emily Peterson of After abortion writes Yesterday’s edition of the Dr. Phil show (television) showed a couple suffering MAJOR problems because an abortion when they were engaged. I wrote on it: Incredibly enough, yesterday’s edition of the Dr. Phil show dealt with [Read More...]

Censorship and Death Just two of the services provided by the tender pastoral ministrations of the Dioceses of Rockville Center and Brooklyn. [Read more...]

The New York City Educational System: Keeping your kids illiterate to protect them from being exposed to the Bible [Read more...]

As I feared… Someday, somebody will make a film that really does justice to the enormously complex and fascinating figure of Martin Luther. But not today. I figured this would be a hack job when I saw the dewy Joseph Fiennes was cast as Luther and not somebody like a young Ernest Borgnine. This is [Read More...]

Abp. Pilarzcyk Writes the Flock The Flock fisks Abp. Pilarzcyk [Read more...]

This will stun you, I know, but… The creator of the St. Sebastian’s Angel’s website for gay priests has stepped down from his ministry while being investigated for swimming nude with young male campers in the 1980′s. I know, I know. There’s no connection whatever between immersion in gay culture and the abuse of boys, [Read More...]

St. Blog’s Parishioner in the National Post! John Pacheco continues his quest to bring sanity to Canadian politics. [Read more...]