Was Mary Redeemed? Short Answer: Yes. “My spirit rejoices in God my savior.” A reader asks: Could you please help me understand more how Mary was redeemed or saved and to be able to explain it to Catholics and non-Catholics? Q: Is to be redeemed and saved the same? Please distinguish. No. We are all [Read More...]


Head scarf! Just wanted to see if I could prompt a 100+ thread by uttering those deadly words of capitulation to the Mussulman. Sure glad Catholics are focused on the important things and not majoring in minors. [Read more...]


Notes For Catholics Who Can’t Tell the Difference Between the Democratic Leadership Council or Heritage Foundation and the Magisterium Amazing as it may seem to some, the only thing we are guaranteed will still be around on the Last Day is the Church and the Jewish people. All other political arrangements are transitory and the [Read More...]


Jeff Miller Explains the Liturgy for You! I did not know all that. [Read more...]


Scroll reveals Proverbs 32 woman was a lazy bum and other invaluable LarkNews is now on line. [Read more...]


A federal judge has agreed to hear Terri Schiavo’s case today George Felos, the loving hubby’s lawyer, sounds like he’s auditioning for the title role in “The Jack Kevorkian Story”. [Read more...]


And the reason this priest is unperturbed is that the author was probably the only person to complain You can help change that by contacting the Archdiocese and saying things like “ENOUGH!”. It’s worth a try, ain’t it? [Read more...]


“I feel called to respond to my parish and the local parish school because of my developed Catholicism.” Translation: I demand the Church approve of my homosexual practice and tell my kid that it’s just fine. I support the school on this one. Those of my readers who are challenged in the ability to distinguish [Read More...]


I don’t get why they don’t just summarily deport these people [Read more...]


Secret Agent Man on Joseph Druce’s Legal Strategy No word yet on whether Druce’s attorney is cribbing from the Moral Theologians over on the Freeper board. I suspect so. [Read more...]


Chris, that’s *nothing*! I’ll see your Owensby, and raise you a Mankowski. (Of course, Mankowski is tongue in cheek and your guy is serious, so maybe you *do* win after all). [Read more...]


Something to Refresh My Loathing of the Most Narcissistic Generation in the History of the World Baby Boomers: my tribe. Sincerest apologies to our parents and our children. We’re self-absorbed losers who pissed away what our heroic parents gave us even as we turned to lecture our children on what paragons of the human race [Read More...]


Leftist Culture War Terrorists Release Weaponized Madonna Spores into the Atmosphere As Michael Medved sagely observed sometime ago, the “If you don’t like it, turn it off” excuse offered by the manufacturers of pop culture is simply inadequate to the problem. I have never owned a Madonna album. I’ve seen Lolita Britney Spears in ads [Read More...]


Thrownback is GIRMinating some ideas [Read more...]


A Few Jews Have Hysterics over The Passion Y’know, I’m as empathetic as the next person to the sufferings of the Jews, but some of these quotes are just barmy: “It will result in anti-Semitism and bigotry. It really takes us back to the Dark Ages … the Inquisition, the Crusades, all for the so-called [Read More...]


My Friend Tells Me I’m Wrong We won’t be in Iraq for 50 years, he says. We’ll be there for about 5, with endless stuff like this going on, until enough American troops die and nothing much changes that people finally say, “Okay. We’re done. Let’s declare victory and bail.” He may be right. But [Read More...]


Sorry for the formatting twitchiness PayPal appears to have broken into Haloscan’s liquor cabinet and gone on a bender. When it regains consciousness, the little button gif will return and the formatting will be fine. See how sin disrupts the entire social fabric? [Read more...]


Howard the Dean Could Make a Fine Bishop From Boston A reader writes: Read your “Art Bell” comments concerning Howard Dean. Following those links you come to this piece: I have two observations about this comment Howard Dean made about parental notification laws, “As many of you know I’m a doctor… kids to come and [Read More...]


What made me ask the questions about ghosts? Just curious. There are various “fringe” areas where the Tradition has never had very much to say since the data is so fuzzy. This is one and I was just curious about it. I know people who’ve had dreams about dead people (and I’ve had some significant [Read More...]


“The white picket fence of the 1950s” It’s amazing how social revolutionaries steeped in the Deep Thought of the 60s think that all of human history began in the 1950s. Someone needs to alert them to the fact that the concept of the family as one man and one woman with children is… gosh… decades [Read More...]


A reader writes: There is a link to a recent story on Pius XII on Amy’s blog that I have been commenting on. There is the usual give and take. I am disputing the usual “the pope was silent”, “the pope didn’t care at all about the Jews”, “the pope was all about power” line [Read More...]