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“I firmly believe — and I altogether deny it is na├»ve to believe it — that the vast majority of men and women secretly want to believe that the Catholic Church is truly the revelation of the authority and power of God. People seem unable to simply ignore the claims of the Church. They attack [Read More...]


From our “It’s the Culture Stupid” files I’m beginning to think our culture expends such massive amounts of outrage at pervert priests because we hope we will thereby atone for our complicity in making people like this rich and adored during the other 23:55 hours of the day. “See! I’m not an accomplice to a [Read More...]


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How not to be “prophetic” I get tons of email. Heaps and gobs of it. And, as you would expect, I get tons of email from people who both support and oppose the war in Iraq. I don’t ask for it. It just comes. People appoint me to mailing lists without so much as a [Read More...]


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A reader sez: Suggestion: When you ask your blog readers for support you present the request as the equivalent for what they might pay for a daily newspaper or weekly magazine. Because, indeed, that is what it is. Who am I to argue with one of my readers? [Read more...]


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Zhu Xiarong, one of the scientists, believes that the “revolutionary genetic research which is going to take place will lead to industrialization of cloning. … I quit my former post … to become involved. My salary level dropped by half … Yet I don’t think I have made a sacrifice. I have a great career [Read More...]


Check these guys out! Just got an email from them: My name is Chris Christensen, and I am one of the co-presidents of the Association of Students at Catholic Colleges (ASCC), a new national project of the Cardinal Newman Society that is intended to connect and support students at Catholic colleges who are engaged in [Read More...]


Oh, How Splendid! Amy runs a link to a new graphic novel that casts the Inklings (Lewis, Tolkien, Williams, Barfield and a bunch of other chubby pipe-smoking, beer swilling dons) as Superheros a la the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, battling spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places on the eve of WWII. This sounds like [Read More...]


Duh The question that is only obliquely addressed is “Do Iraqis want the US in their country indefinitely?” That is the question that will determine how many of our troops keep getting killed and what sort of medieval despotism the Iraqis freely vote into power. On that matter, the results are buried at the bottom [Read More...]


Uh oh Ridley Scott, like most modern directors, is fine when he’s doing noir sci-fi or covering contemporary culture and such. But turn him loose on any time period in which he has to deal with people who really do not share the extremely specialized assumptions of his class and age and he is utterly [Read More...]


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The Lead Attorney for the Firm of Powers, Principalities, and Spiritual Forces of Evil in Heavenly Places has written a book (Scroll down to the picture of the guy doing yoga and the entry that begins “‘If the seemingly barren and war-strewn field of litigation can be the playground where spirit dances, it can revel [Read More...]


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Keen observation “The officers said they could tell immediately he was not the Pontiff as the inebriated man was in his 50s.” Remember: the Dutch are way smarter and more sophisticated than you. [Read more...]


Beneficiaries of France’s Nation-Building Expertise Continue Little Tiff [Read more...]


Virus alert Just got this from a computer geek friend of mine: A friend of mine was just hit with a virus that hijacked his email address book and sent copies of itself to everyone he knows. My Virus protection caught the problem and did not let it through. This virus comes in as an [Read More...]


Times Against Humanity… is more optimistic than I am that Rome’s calls for tightening up liturgical discipline will have a big effect. I hope I’m wrong. [Read more...]