It is a silly place [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Explained A reader asks, “How do you freelance?” Write a query email to the editor of a mag that is likely to be interested in stuff you write. Perhaps make the first paragraph of your snappy, witty and engaging article the first paragraph of the letter (remember, the purpose of the letter is [Read More...]

It’s only Monday and I may already have read the stupidest thing said all week “Assigned as a seminarian to teach school in Philadelphia, I soon saw the warning signs among older priests. Again, in my case, no evidence of pedophilia. But a lot of self-indulgence in other ways: heavy eating, drinking, travel, golf, television [Read More...]

Three part series on Christian Colleges Here, here, and here. [Read more...]

With God’s help, History May Repeat Itself I remain skeptical. Germany had some cultural soil for the seed of democracy to take root. Iraq has Islam, which doesn’t foster a belief in the dignity of the human person, or free will. We’ll see. [Read more...]

So, Do Abusive Priests Who Were Abused as Children Get to Use This Defense Too? Geoghan-Killer Druce deploys the Hillary Tactic: “I’m a victim too. I did it…. for the children!” [Read more...]

Some Naughty People With a Bit of Time on Their Hands Present This “Jaw-Dropping” New Site [Read more...]

A lot happens when you go to the woods for a couple of days Got back from Twanoh yesterday (a lovely trip, by the way!) and opened Drudge. Big headline said “Israel Targets Chesapeake Bay”. Took me a second to realize it actually said “Isabel Targets Chesapeake Bay”. [Read more...]

Here’s a cunning bit of sophistry from a Jesuit The hand is quicker than the eye. The whole thing depends on confusing people’s natural sense of revulsion at what homosex involves and then shuffling that together with our Lord’s liberating the Church from Levitical purity laws. Result: It is common to hear Christians describe homosexuality [Read More...]

What Peg Noonan Told the Bishops She’s cool. [Read more...]

There are no more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than a cubicled secularist in some media office is willing to believe in What I like about this article is the sense of shallow certitude suffusing it and the almost effortless disregard of logic in the name of SCIENCE. Low frequency sound gives some people [Read More...]

I’m outta here early Camping this weekend with the Scouts at Twanoh State Park over on Hood Canal. Have I mentioned how much I love living in Washington? We send out the rain and gloom agitprop to keep the Californians out, but really, it is one of the most glorious places God ever created. Adios. [Read More...]

Cross-fertilization A reader writes: Isn’t it intriguing how different Catholic witnessing is from evangelical-Protestant versions? Ask a rank-and-file “born again Christian” to give his testimony and he’ll almost always describe how, upon making a decision for Christ, his life changed from messed up, in all manner of ways, to well-ordered — thanks to Bible study, [Read More...]

David Duke Becomes Catholic, Founds New Group for White Catholics Called “Supremacy”. Detroit Holds Special Mass to Celebrate the Inherent Superiority of the White Race I’m waiting for people to write me defending a “Supremacy Mass” saying, “I’m not a member of Supremacy, nor am I a white supremacist, but bigotry just doesn’t do it [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen Writes the Chancery in Detroit Go thou and do likewise. [Read more...]

Terri wins a reprieve–for now [Read more...]

After all, what shall it profit a man to gain his soul and lose the war? The nice thing about extremists is that they provide nice clear, simplistic (and frequently imbecilic) ideas which are so far out that they chart the outer borders of reality. One such extremist is a well-known gasbag who haunts the [Read More...]

Nunc Dimmitis I fear he may not have much time left. One of the great sadnesses of my life is that I never had a chance to thank him for all he’s done and all he’s meant. Thank you, Papa. [Read more...]

And, lest you think that the chancery rats are not, indeed, in full scurry mode due to your efforts… As I say, pressure applied over the Long Haul. It works on all sorts of terrorists, even ecclesial ones. [Read more...]

Help make some chancery rats scurry away from the daylight A reader sends this along: The American Family Association of Michigan ( has called on Detroit’s Cardinal Adam Maida to put a stop to Masses sponsored by a homosexual organization at Marygrove College (MI). As reported in “Catholic Higher Education Alert” earlier this year, the [Read More...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God Of course, Jesus was just kidding when he said that. He was full of impractical ideas: loving your enemies, forgiving 70 X 7, and calling Zealots to lay down their lives rather than take up arms against the Roman occupation. If he [Read More...]