Reactions to “The Wonderful and Wlatsome” begin here I can see how people sick of being the subject of “Peter, try experiments on my rats” liturgical experiments would want to have some help in navigating their way past the St. Ridiculous parish to St. Sane. At the same time, there is also the opposite danger [Read More...]

Fr. Wilson sends this along Episcopalians have the wickedest humor. This is from an Episcopal Priest, but I thought in light of the new GIRM and the Cincinnati norms it deserved wide distribution. From the Rector: Communion Rules Clarified I have noticed with growing alarm a growing state of confusion surrounding the distribution of Communion. [Read More...]

In other news… The American Tobacco Growers Association have partnered with the American Lung Association in a new “At Least Use a Filter!” ad campaign aimed at American teens. [Read more...]

When I was younger… I always thought the passage in Revelation about the devil being furious, because he knows his time is short, was weird. Isn’t that sort of…. stupid? I thought the devil was smart. What I failed to grasp is that the thorough-going embrace of evil means the rejection of all goods, including [Read More...]

Eco-Brownshirts on the March Shea’s Law #443: The political movement most swift to charge its opponents with being fascists on the flimsiest grounds is also the movement most likely to attract people who *act* like fascists. Oddly, it’s virtually always the Left which fulfills this law in current culture. [Read more...]

Did you know that a lot of priests think celibacy is a great thing? Here’s another story the New York Times deems it best you poor fragile dears not know about. This is in direct response to the recent petition signed by 160 Milwaukee priests asking for optional clerical celibacy [Read more...]

Remember Rosa Parks? Of course you do. And you doubtless remember, as I do, that the Woman Who Did One Thing Once Long Ago spent the rest of her life periodically being interviewed, profiled and retrospected as a Great Historical Hero. That process does not seem to happen with either “Roe” or “Doe”. Why? Because [Read More...]

Jeremy Lott on the Geek Invasion I begin to see it all at last…. I’m…. a…. geek! I know who I am at last! I’ve found myself! [Read more...]

Caesar Loses a Round Always nice to see. [Read more...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

Another Bleat in the Ear of an Out of Touch Ecclesiat Lots more of these please. [Read more...]

While sitting at your desk …lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6″ in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction. [Read more...]

Operation Candor Seems Not to Be Catching Fire with Ecclesiats in Ireland Either Let the Great Enema Continue! [Read more...]

DMN on Daniel Pater [Read more...]

Vainglorious Egomaniacal Murderer a Hero to Christian Idiots [Read more...]

You meet the nicest people on a blog Just got back from breakfast with Rich Leonardi, one of my regular readers, who is out here in God’s country doing data crunchy things for his job. Lovely man. Got to wander around the waterfront and give him the quickie tour of the Pike Place Market. Thanks [Read More...]

Americans… You can tell we care about the sanctity of life by the way we put people to death. If that’s not love for life, what is? Similarly, you can tell we care about protecting our kids from sexually debauched clergy by the way we make Madonna and Britney Spears household names and dress our [Read More...]

Uh Huh There will be workshops on psychic phenomena and new technologies for investigating them, said Dutch Jackson, co-founder of Freelance Supernatural Investigations in Tacoma. Getcher “Ectoplasm 3000 Ghost-Spotting Sooper Scope” right here, folks! It really really works! [Read more...]

I am so damn boring [Read more...]

Should the Bible Be Taught in Public Schools? My latest on Catholic Exchange. [Read more...]

Catholic University Administrators Perform Self-Castration At least Origen did it for the love of God. At least Richard Rich did it for the beautiful land of Wales. These guys do it for federal funding and more cubicle space. [Read more...]