A reader writes concerning this piece on Mary as Co-Redemptrix Mark, would you please address this concept in your blog? This subject terrifies me, because as a convert I just CAN’T go there – it smacks too much of deifying Mary and making her equal to Jesus. Please get some discussion going for those of [Read More...]


Finally, a believable spam Dear Sir / Madam, I am Mr. Bib Fortuna, secretary to the late Desilijic family boss,Jabba the Hutt who died on Tatooine while still on active duty for our family. When my boss was alive I used to move funds running into millions of Galactic Credits to Nar Shaddaa and Ord [Read More...]


Here’s the Touchstone blog people having conniptions about The extremely unedifying combination of the episcopal gutlessness on display in DC and the bureaucratic contempt for the flock on display here has a number of people livid. I’m not among them. And that, in turn, confuses people. Indeed, much of my approach to the reform of [Read More...]


This is why I moved out of Seattle proper My dislike of coffee and espresso violated numerous zoning codes in Seattle, so I had to leave the city where I could indulge my milk habit in peace. [Read more...]


If only priests were allowed to marry, this would never happen [Read more...]


More from Maurice Healy Mr. Healy asks me to post the following: Mark Shea’s own description of his blog — a place where he can publish any thing he says no matter how stupid it may be — is absolutely apt and accurate. There was no bullying on my part and Shea should know this [Read More...]


Maurice Healy writes and asks me to publish this: Mr. Shea, Fr. Phelan did not ask permission nor did he receive permission to participate in the gay pride parade. The Archdiocese had no knowlwdge that he planned to participate. Fr. Phelan is administrator of Most Holy Redeemer parish, which is located in the Castro area [Read More...]


Gay Brownshirts on the March! Homosexualistische Einsatzgruppen takes “special action” by issuing bomb threat against school with Incorrect Ideas. Mainstream press, of course, ignores it. Meanwhile, the Texas pastor whose church got torched isn’t sure it was done over gay politics. [Read more...]


It’s a small world! Well, it turns out there’s no anti-Catholicism in the US at all! Proof: this article, dripping with condescension from somebody named Tim Cavanaugh. Now the hilarious part of this piece is that it begins by citing a sermon by Father Edward Phelan, pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco. [Read More...]


Got the Google Toolbar Blocks pop ups (but not my comments windows) and does other cool stuff. I’m stickin’ with this one. Thanks for the help y’all! [Read more...]


Well, you see, Bp. Gregory it’s like this… I’m appreciative of the steps dioceses have *said* they are taking to respond. But there are still zillions of chancery rats like Maurice Healy, who ordinary people have to deal with in vain attempts to get bishops from talking to *doing*. The fact that a man like [Read More...]


How weird! How creepy! How sad! The NY Times runs a poll on 9/11 Turn out, according to James Taranto over at WSJ’s Best of the Web that, to the mystification and pity of the NY Times, “There continues to be a minority of people who avoid the subway, stay away from skyscrapers, sleep fitfully, [Read More...]


I knew this was going to happen [Read more...]


Maurice Healy is, if you can believe it, the guy in charge of *communications* for the Archdiocese of San Francisco A reader, impressed as I was by the pure arrogance of Mr. Healy’s response to a request for some sort of action concerning a priest marching in a Gay Pride Parade, also wrote him: Mr. [Read More...]


The Awesome Influence of My Blog Continues to Expand Now the Kentucky Police bend the knee to your favorite Holy Roman Emperor. [Read more...]


Haloscan Suddenly Falls into Interdimensional Void Who can explain this software? Speaking of software, can anybody guide me to a good, cheap (or free) pop up killer software? In the words of Wayne Newton, “Danke Schoen!” [Read more...]


More open and honest dialogue from an accountable and available ecclesiat A reader writes: Dear Mr. Shea, After reading your squib, following the link, and reading the article regarding Fr. Phelan’s participation in the SF Gay Pride parade, I sent the below attached email to Mr. Healy, having found his email address on the diocesan [Read More...]


Deal Hudson on the Big Bishop Meeting Today Dear Friend, Today’s the big day. I’m on my way to the meeting with the bishops that I’ve been telling you about, and in just a few minutes we’ll begin discussing some of those issues and points you sent in. (And thank you for your wonderful feedback.) [Read More...]


An Argument for Monarchy Bill Clinton Would Approve of [Read more...]


“He’s a foreigner!” The Dems continue to bring out All That is Best and Brightest in American Civil Life. [Read more...]


Britain: Land of Opportunity Where people who wear tin foil hats can rise to the some of the highest positions of power in government. [Read more...]