What’s the difference between a NY Times reporter and American bishops? It takes the Times reporter much longer to acknowledge the obvious. [Read more...]


Catholics resolve to respond by arguing about standing after communion I strongly suspect that much of the Catholic urge to nitpick about liturgy is that it is so much easier to do this than to face the cataclysmic problems the human race is creating for itself. [Read more...]


Slowly the Bowel Movement Proceeds [Read more...]


Uh Huh Lawyers take 1/3 of $85 million Boston settlement… seems rather a excessive slice of the pie to me, but my commenters make reasonable arguments to the contrary. [Read more...]


There are awesome priests out there! The author is no relation. By the way, if you know an awesome priest, write me and tell me about him and I’ll blog it. The gospel is still the Good News. [Read more...]


A reader writes: I really enjoy reading your website! It’s a great resource for me, and I sincerely appreciate that your voice is out there on the web for all of us “conservative” Catholics. I read the Washington Times articles about Christian schools and their growing popularity, and thought they (the articles) were pretty good. [Read More...]


Signs of Hope and Life in the Black Community Common and Lauryn Hill are having distinctly countercultural thoughts about abortion. Thanks be to God. May God hasten the day when the Black community is freed from the shackles of pro-choice liberalism and the quiet self-imposed genocide that Planned Parenthood has managed to sell there. [Read more...]


NPR on Celibacy and the Priest Shortage Interview with Phil Cerrato, married priest and psychotherapist Dean Hoge, Professor of Sociology at The Catholic University of America Russell Shaw, freelance writer and journalist, former press secretary for U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Haven’t listened to this, so caveat emptor. You may wind up stupider after listening [Read More...]


Greg Popcak Adds his Thoughts to… the forgiveness thread I started yesterday Some have noted (rightly) that personal forgiveness has nothing to do with the state’s execution of justice. True. However, personal forgiveness has a great deal to do with the mindset of those who frequently argue with great zeal and even relish for the [Read More...]


Apparently “Purpose-Driven” is the Latest Buzzword in Evangelicalism LarkNews picks up the torch from the Wittenburg Door. [Read more...]


DMN has a lovely editorial on JPII Refreshing! [Read more...]


Betwixt and Between Down below, there is a discussion going on between a zealous supporter of Israel who (it seems to me) takes some positions which are far too cock-sure about the allegedly eternal nature of the founding of the state of Israel and a supercessionist Lutheran guy who takes some positions which are far [Read More...]


Minute Particulars is Droll and, As Usual, Right [Read more...]


More Subversion of the True Gospel of Capital Punishment The missionary’s widow Gladys Staines continues to live in India and has publicly forgiven her husband’s killers, saying Christianity teaches against bitterness. According to experts on the Exact Limits of Mercy who have written me and the comments boxes with their expertise, this woman is waaaaaay [Read More...]


The Assyrian Church Benefits from the New Freedom for Islam in Iraq [Read more...]


When Children Get Abused and Bishops Hide the Files, That’s Despicable When Children Get Run Through Shredding Machines and Planned Parenthood Hides the Files, That’s a Courageous Defense of Privacy Rights Oddly, our Assyrian media, which cares so very very much about children has not noticed the latter story or given it much play, though [Read More...]


Another priest the NY Times Deems it Best you Not Know About You poor fragile dears. [Read more...]


Religious Figures Just Offer Symbolic Gestures About Peace Secularists really do something practical. About the “religionists just do symbolic acts” complaint. What else is religion (from a sociological perspective) than a vast network of symbols? What do people expect a bishop or a Pope to do beside make symbolic gestures? If you do not believe [Read More...]


Amy asked what people thought would happen to Israel I wrote: “My guess, to be honest, is that Israel will last about as long as we last as a superpower. I don’t see how it will survive when we go the way of every powerful state (unless they can somehow cultivate the patronage of whatever [Read More...]


Moral: The hoi polloi will hate you if you are beautiful like me Madonna pour out the riches of her wisdom to instruct the rising generation. Poor poor Lourdes. My heart genuinely goes out to that kid. [Read more...]


Scratch an atheist, find a fundamentalist Dependably, one of my atheist commenters trots out the old chestnut to argue that Christians who adhere to Old Testament morality in some areas (i.e. regarding homosexuality as sinful) have to adhere to the entire law of Moses: Mark, I’m now hoping that you adhere to the directive (I [Read More...]