Culture Clash Big discussion over at Amy’s blog about the priest who got axed after it was discovered he had had sex with a 14 year old girl and continued the affair for many years. In the course of the conversation Sandra Miesel remarked, “It ought to be mentioned that the canonical age of consent [Read More...]

Here’s an interesting logic problem for Dems [Read more...]

Therapeutic Evangelicalism I’ve noted before that many Evangelicals are suckers for therapeutic theology. “For Those Tears I Died” wrote lesbian Evangelical Marsha Stevens. and it’s a big hit still today. Trouble is, it’s a dangerously ambiguous thing to say and Evangelicals who want to be “open and affirming” are fuddled by the inability to distinguish [Read More...]

A reader asks Maybe you and/or your readers can help me (and all your readers) by recommending some lay institutes or formation groups. Many in my area are members of Regnum Christi, which is associated with the Legionaires of Christ. I respect the Legionaires and they do a lot of good work, but Regnum Christi [Read More...]

Gay Sex: It’s all about Love No. Really. Imagine a convention of, say, gun enthusiasts. Now imagine that the convention of gun enthusiasts has big warnings posted all over the convention saying, “Remember: It is illegal to hunt human beings!” Wouldn’t you feel just a little nervous about that gathering and what the general culture [Read More...]

One More Tale of the Unexplained just for fun! [Read more...]

Perhaps…. This and this are related? [Read more...]

Wheeeee ha! Sandra “Take No Prisoners!” Miesel eviscerates “The Da Vinci Code”. The Amazon of the Blogosphere has Dan Brown’s guts for garters. Jolly! [Read more...]

More Tales of the Unexplained I am beginning to suspect that such stories are the norm for people rather than the exception. A reader writes: I have a friend, Mike, whose step-father was in the final throes of a long, long illness. He was most certainly dying, despite having rallied several times before in the [Read More...]

Years ago on “Family Ties”… …the family bought a copy of some book on Medical Diagnostics. Result: the Dad read the book avidly and imagined himself to have every disease in the book. A few years ago, it became evident that something nobody has ever experienced in all human history (and indeed the entire mammalian [Read More...]

I Love Disputations’ Droll Sense of Humor [Read more...]

My RCIA/Adult Faith Formation Wish List A reader writes: I am now in a position with my parish to help set-up a new adult faith formation program. Since you have your finger on the pulse of Catholicism, I wanted to ask what you think of this. I’m not asking whether you think it’s a good [Read More...]

We’ll be hearing this a lot soon A thousand welcomes. [Read more...]

Half empty/Half full The half empty way of looking the flaccid wimpiness of the Florida bishops’ response to the outrage being done to Terri Schiavo is that the bishops’ behavior has indeed been flaccid and pathetic. These spineless men have, once again, disgraces themselves by their weak tea response. However, the half full way of [Read More...]

More on the Catholic school and the lesbian mommies who want to stick their daughter in as a political ploy A reader says: Dear Fr. Wilson and Mr. Shea: I read with great interest your discussion on the comments board at Mark’s blog site regarding the lesbian couple who wanted their four-year-old to go to [Read More...]

Deeds, Not Words, Gentlemen Sheesh! [Read more...]

Catholic High Schools Capitulate to Overwhelming Personal Charisma of Blog Author Well. Now that I’ve fixed that it’s time to move on to righting other wrongs. Now what’s all this I’ve been hearing about terrorism? Mr. bin Laden, I think what you are doing is stupid and offensive! Quit it this instant! [Read more...]

“First, it is generally accepted (except by the war’s avid authorities) that the reasons for invading Iraq were false. “ “Simply stated there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction; there is no doubt that he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us.” [Read More...]

A reader writes: I am a baptized Catholic. By that I mean, I was baptizED into the Catholic Church. I attended mass somewhat regularly (average 2.874 times a month or somewhere close) during my childhood through middle school. I went totally bezerk and insane in my adolescent, early high school days. I did quite a [Read More...]

The Great Enema Continues That’s funny. Out of 30 abusive priests, only nine have died. Why, that would indicate that the problem seem to have gotten much worse in the past, oh, 30 years or so. I wonder if there’s been some sort of decline in American culture and in the discipline of the Church [Read More...]

A hostage from the diocese of Albany writes: From the official paper of the Albany, NY, Roman Catholic diocese, a news item about the upcoming appearance of Sister Janet Walton, expert in “feminist liturgy”: Money quote: “I want to ask certain questions, such as ‘What are the rumblings of today with regard to issues and [Read More...]