Reason #394857234050345673583937509 to kill your TV [Read more...]

Earl E. Appleby, Jr of CURE (Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia) writes: As a fellow member of St. Blog’s Parish, I call your attention to the latest report on Times Against Humanity. Additional coverage is available on CURE’s blog, Epivalothanasia , and, of course, on the excellent site maintained by our friends at the Terri Schiavo-Schindler [Read More...]

One of the bloody borders of Islam [Read more...]

Break a leg, John! One of St. Blog’s Own is running for office in Canada: John Pacheco. Pete Vere, a Canadian refugee currently on the lam in Florida disguised in a fez, tells me, “He’s running in Ottawa South, the riding currently held by Dalton McGuinty, Jr., the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and [Read More...]

To anybody in the Seattle Area Come to the Blessed Sacrament Greenspire Medieval Faire this weekend. Cool stuff for the whole fambly, Lotsa food, guys in armor beating each other up, music, games, magic shows, beer, ale, general Andrew Greeley-approved festive whooptido. Proceeds go to help our building campaign pay the $1.6 million earthquake repair [Read More...]

I think we may have a new front runner in the Worst Still Serving Bishop Race Archbishop Patrick “Amnesiac” Flores. After his spectacular deposition transcript was released, I also ran across this. An edifying combination of surliness at exposure to light and sickening piety as a mask on institutional inertia and ass-covering, topped with an [Read More...]

Gay Brownshirts on the March! Muzzling free speech and crushing academic freedom in the name of Tolerance. Have some Fuehrerwein and raise a toast to Indiana U! [Read more...]

Next on deck: Polyamory Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan, more fixedly committed to the pole star of his journalism than a limpet to a rock, strives to continually expand the hedge of protection around his preferred perversion by delegitimating criticism of *any* form of perversion. He writes, “But why is group sex between consenting adults in private [Read More...]

Speaking of the Fat Little Austrian Butcher He’d be very pleased to see how the ideas for which he fought are slowly but surely carrying the day in all the Enlightened Nations that (theoretically) defeated him. [Read more...]

Mein Fuehrer, ich kann trinken! [Read more...]

The small acts of nobility that hold the world together This is why nobody sees God. They’re all looking for big splashy miracles rather where He spends his time: in these small nooks of human experience. The most cataclysmic experiences in our lives are rarely the stuff of cinema. If you’d had a camera at [Read More...]

And women judges are unfit for sexual harrasment cases and black judges are unfit for discrimination cases and disabled judges are unfit for disability cases and tall judges are unfit to try short people and Anglo judges are unfit for Latino cases and gay judges are unfit to try gays and heterosexuals are unfit to [Read More...]

Mormons, Reacting to Mark Shea’s Opinions about the Death Penalty, Approve Elimination of Firing Squads I can *feel* the power! [Read more...]

In the 40s, it was Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in “Double Indemnity” Now it’s the Judicial system as Barbara Stanwyck and Michael Schiavo as Fred MacMurray. “Michael [Schiavo] would say, ‘When is she going to die? Has she died yet?’ and ‘When is that bitch going to die?’” Also, Wesley Smith gives the straight [Read More...]

What an edifying display [Read more...]

The Influence of This Blog Just Keeps Growing Having single-handedly dealt a crushing blow to all Catholic School Dress codes, your humble scribe is now pleased to take credit for postponing judgment day by my dismissive remarks about this story the other day. [Read more...]

Remember: Only the Islamosphere is Evil. The West is the Good Guy on the Stage of World History. Those people over there are under judgment. Not us. Thus did the kingdom of Judah bolster its spirits about its superiority to the kingdom of Israel as Nebuchadnezzar’s troops arrayed themselves in siege formations around Jerusalem. [Read more...]

Fr. Rob Johansen’s Big Mistake …is failing to call for the cold-blooded murder of abortionist. If he did that, he could live somewhere in Alabama, where he had been ordered to shut up by his bishop after having his faculties removed, and *still* Newsday would manage to find and quote him as a “Catholic priest”. [Read More...]

Show me a culture that despises virginity… …and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. [Read more...]

First I’ve heard the Orthodox are Having Trouble with This Bully for the ROC! [Read more...]

Boy the way Joe Stalin slayed! Marches made the Hit Parade! Volk like us we had it made! Those were the days! [Read more...]