Another Portrait of that Hero of Christendom The man who inspires massive cheering throngs of Christians to mob football stadiums in his honor. The spark behind the swelling conflagration of “Christian terrorism” that threatens to engulf the world. Forget about Islamic terror and the destruction of the World Trade Center. According to the Boston Globe, [Read More...]

Interesting debate… …between John Pacheco (who used to work for CAI before it imploded) and Bob Sungenis. Bob, applying the theological prowess that makes him an expert on why the earth doesn’t rotate and why Jews think it’s okay to rape little girls, has joined the crowd of people freaking out over the Pope’s meetings [Read More...]

And so it’s back to the old comments boxes! If Haloscan regains its sanity, I’ll go back to ‘em. Meantime, this’ll have to do. [Read more...]

I’ve just about had it with Haloscan Any other comments box features out there? [Read more...]

The Old Moral Equivalence Strategem Now and then some screwball like Eric Rudolph does some evil thing in the name of Christianity. And when that happens, we all know what to expect from the great mass of Christians: huge demonstrations all around the world in favor of Rudolph, with live images of these cheering throngs [Read More...]

Lady Macbeth Hawks Her Book Argument No. 120938234098 for killing your TV. Hillary, I so don’t care. [Read more...]

Meanwhile, on the WMD trail… [Read more...]

I strongly doubt Bush was lying However, the fact that articles like this are being written could mean trouble on the horizon. Suppose, however, for the sake of argument, that he lied. He’s still got some things going for him that Nixon didn’t. First, he’s likeable. Second, we are still locked in mortal combat with [Read More...]

Well, Did we All have a Wonderful Rainbow Sash Day Yesterday? For some of us, it was also Pentecost Sunday, some sort of religious thing practiced by Christians. I just hope it didn’t overshadow the *true* meaning of the day: that fascists have the right to blaspheme religious assemblies in order to impose their will [Read More...]

Quote/Unquote “Simply stated there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction; there is no doubt that he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us.” – VP Dick Cheney Josh Claybourn keep hammering away at the fact that this, the basis of the last [Read More...]

My Latest on Catholic Exchange [Read more...]

I assume that all the people on my blog complaining about the state of the Church… are, of course, emailing these four bishops with tons of encouragement and approval to bolster them in the face of the daunting opposition they face from the Rainbow Fascist Brownshirts and the clergy who love them? You catch more [Read More...]

Oh great. I’ve started an avalanche Another Corner parody comes flying over the transom from a reader. [Read more...]

More Self-Infantilization in the Black Community Jayson Blair’s upcoming book is tentatively titled “Burning Down my Master’s House“. He’s not a moral agent responsible for his action, y’see. He’s a Victim. After 400 years of oppression, who can blame him for taking an opportunity that most J School grads can only dream of and turning [Read More...]

Calling all Geeks! My blog loads slow. And whenever you load it, you get that little error message in the corner. Anybody know how to fix it? Update: Thanks! Fixed it! [Read more...]

Who said this little conversation starter? “A man possesses the Holy Spirit in the measure in which he loves the Church.” By the way: discuss, class. [Read more...]

New blog! [Read more...]

At last! Mark at Minute Particulars answers the age old Question: “Why?” Just as it’s silly to ask what happened “before” time, so it’s silly to ask Why He who is the Answer is the Answer. [Read more...]

Cheap. Shallow. Dumb … but still pretty funny in places: The Cornier This is what I like best about blogging: no editor to tell me that I can’t link to that site since it disagrees with Our Basic Ideology and we don’t want to appear to give aid and comfort to the Enemy. I certainly [Read More...]

How convenient! One of my readers works for spamcop! Note to Zitface Rainbow Fascist Brownshirt: I plan to follow up on this interesting and useful fact. Note to other bloggers. If you think our widdle brownshirt has been posting obscenities in your comments boxes, please be aware that his two IPs (so far) are 24.232.35 [Read More...]

Nice review of Paul Johnson’s biography of Napoleon I especially like the last paragraph. I tried to make something of the same point, in a different context, in this essay. [Read more...]