A reader asks I wonder if you could help me. I am presently preparing a talk on the theological virtue of hope for young people. I have read widely and listened to talks on this virtue in preparation for this talk, and I am confused! From my reading of the writings of people from Cardinal [Read More...]

A reader writes… I would love to see some input about guardian angels, angels, or demons. I just finished reading Angels by Peter Kreeft and am fascinated by it. I would enjoy input by some of the people who read your blog. I believe in both angels and devils (including guardian angels). Angels have fallen [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen on the Ecclesiastical Potemkin Village Yeah, the Church is a mess. Pretty much always has been. It was because the Church was all screwed up that the New Testament had to be written (“Don’t worship angels! Don’t sleep with your stepmother! Stop getting drunk at Mass!”) and it was because it was [Read More...]

I swear, I don’t write my blogs to coincide with new items like this I didn’t know about this when I wrote my Tom Clancy blogs. [Read more...]

Verus Ratio is now Recta Ratio [Read more...]

0.0000004% of Boston Catholics Want “Change” Wow. There’s a shocking poll result. In related news, many Americans polled believe water to be wet. [Read more...]

A fellow Seattleite writes… Can’t… Resist… Pointing out… Trivial… Problem… If our terrorist friends create a block at the South end of the bridge in the south-bound lanes, then the police could still approach the problem in cars by going up the Ravenna ramp in the wrong direction. Nyah. (This effects your argument not at [Read More...]

More Baby Boomer Wisdom from Richard McBrien The premier theologian for the Most Narcissistic Generation in the History of the World explains why the Rising Generation is almost as stupid as his parent’s generation. History, you see, begins and ends with Baby Boomers. Their parents were fools and their children are ungrateful to them for [Read More...]

I wonder if they need some pastoral caregivers too legh vaD bom [A] bom Sum DavID joH’a’ ‘oH wIj DevwI’ jIH DIchDaq Hutlh pagh ghaH chen jIH Daq nep bIng Daq SuD tI yotlh ghaH Dev jIH retlh vIHHa’ bIQmey ghaH chenqa’ wIj qa’ ghaH Dev jIH Daq [the] Hemey vo’ QaQtaHghach vaD [ his] [Read More...]

I hate having to repeat myself I’m not advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment. I recognize the right to self-defense and think the Founders were prescient in realizing that an armed citizenry is a nice barrier to tyranny. Nor am I a utopian who thinks that if fully automatic assault rifles were destroyed, peace [Read More...]

A reader adds his two cents Just wanted to add this on the “Gun Thing”: I realized one day that I’d never heard a theoretical argument against gun control that wasn’t also an excellent argument against H-Bomb control. Example: “The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.” Then the Second Amendment guarantees [Read More...]

Very Mysterious Fr. Richard “Abolish Celibacy and Set My Superior Chromosomes Free!” McBrien is terribly glum. According to him, “The Vatican looks for complete, utter, uncritical loyalty to the Holy See, especially as it pertains to hot-button issues like the ordination of women, celibacy for priests, and the whole spectrum of sexual and reproductive issues. [Read More...]

I’m not the only one that’s starting to drum his fingers and think… “Well? Where are they? I was promised by the people who started this war that they were there (“Oh, if I could only talk about the intelligence that crosses my desk every day!”).” Unlike some Catholic apologists for this war, I have [Read More...]

A Brief History of the West in Slogans Antiquity: Veni! Vidi! Vici! Antiquity to Renaissance period: Father! Son! Holy Spirit! Renaissance and Reformation: Sola Gratia! Sola Scriptura! Sola Fide! American Revolution: Life! Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness! French Revolution: Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite! Russian Revolution: Peace! Bread! Land! Nazi Germany: Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Ein Fuehrer! Baby [Read More...]

Lord of the Peeps [Read more...]

David Heddle Answered my Question I asked, “Does God love me?” and David replied (very warmly and generously, as is his custom), “I believe He does, for I sense you love Him, an if He didn’t quicken you (Eph 2) you wouldn’t love Him.” That’s happy news, and I certainly *hope* I love God (though [Read More...]

Speaking of Calvinism A reader writes: I’m Reformed in my theology, but I have a friend that is thinking about joining the R.C. church. My friend denies some of your doctrines though (Office of Pope, Immaculate Conception of Mary, and Purgatory). I am under the impression (please correct me if I’m wrong) that he has [Read More...]

The Stupidest Reading of Tolkien Ever [Read more...]

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Great Artistes Shouldn’t Stand for Mockery by the Lower Orders [Read more...]

Old News to Us Sheas A reader sez: Let me emphasize that I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. The Williams-Sonoma catalog that arrived today listed a product called “Lavender Shea Butter” made from the Senegalese shea plant, used as a hand cream and less that $5 per ounce! But of course! We Sheas have known [Read More...]