Ohio “Breast-Feeding While Driving” Case Just Got Weirder … as such cases are wont to do. Family has screwy “Bible-based” beliefs, natch. Something about resisting the encroachment of the Beast and a husband’s absolute and sole authority over his wife, blah blah blah. Translation: My wife and kid aren’t the property of the State! They’re [Read More...]


Quaker Noli Irritare Leones (“Don’t Bug the Lions”) Defends Catholics from Dumb Bashing Interesting conversation ensues… [Read more...]


Disputations Makes an Observation that Had Not Really Occurred to Me Not exactly a comfort, since it basically confirms that our bishops seem to primarily see themselves as administrators and bureaucratic functionaries, not shepherds. But at least it makes clear why we’re always hearing about these position papers on farm subsidies from the USCCB and [Read More...]


Well, y’see, Mr. Dean, it’s like this… When you pack your party with every disgruntled grievance monger in the country and teach them to be hypersensitive to ever nuance, and then send them out to seek race, class, and gender conflicts in every American word and deed, it’s just a matter of time before that [Read More...]


Good Morning! It’s Day 2 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week If you like what you read here, please help keep an emphatically lower middle class writer solvent so he can keep bringing you the weird combination of offbeat humor, theological ramblings, ecclesial and civil politics, and various cultural ephemera that you’ve [Read More...]


I think that I shall never see/a poem lovely as a…. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So California. [Read more...]


The Always Interesting Rod Bennett of Wonder Magazine writes: I think we need to clear something up. The current scandal in the American Church isn’t an abuse, it’s a heresy. First of all, let me define my terms. The “current scandal” isn’t pedophilia (since almost none of the victims are prepubescent children) and it isn’t [Read More...]


Another Way to Do Study Groups! Down below, I gave some tips on how to do study groups so as to educate yourself on this whole Catholic and Western Civilization Thang. I forgot one. I’ve also been involved for the past several years in a “Married Couples Group” through my parish. The idea is that [Read More...]


More Info for Those in the Seattle Area Friends in Christ, We invite you to take a look at what’s happening this summer at Blessed Sacrament Church and the Young Adult Community, and get involved with this blessed parish community! With wonderful Guest Speakers, Special and Edifying Presentations, and joyfilled collaborative and meaningful Fellowship, there [Read More...]


Amy’s on a roll… Lotsa good stuff, but especially the piece that begins “Our baptismal call is not to “ministry.” (Amy, attempting to cultivate a Garbo-like aura of inaccessibility, still does not have functional links, so you will have to scroll down till you find it.) The piece reminds me of yet another fine piece [Read More...]


New Blog! [Read more...]


Movie Recommendation I have a really simple standard of judgment for comedies. If a comedy makes me laugh, it’s a good comedy. I don’t care how well or poorly written it is, what the quality of the cinematography, direction, or acting was. If I don’t laugh, it was a bad comedy. If I do laugh, [Read More...]


Just what we need: more euphemisms and distortion of language “I used to mourn the loss of gay in (what I still think of as) its true sense.” But that doesn’t stop him from wanting to do the same thing to the word “bright”. In other words, in addition to being dumb as a box [Read More...]


Black is White, Freedom is Slavery Gay Marriage is traditional and conservative. Hey! If all monogamous sexual relationships are “conservative” then Peter Singer’s sheep is a rock-ribbed Republican. This column is a living illustration of Chesterton’s point that liberals commit new errors and then conservatives strive to make sure we go on committing them. [Read more...]


Haloscan is apparently upgrading… Word on the street is that they are going to create a comments box feature that allows you to post comments. In boxes. Hard-working scientists in white coats are laboring even as we speak to make it possible for Haloscan to fulfil minimal contractual obligations for more than 1 day without [Read More...]


Yeah, it is kind of a letdown, ain’t it? A reader writes I find the Protestant understanding of the Eucharist very disappointing and anticlimactic. To say that that Melchizedek and the Passover are prefiguring revelations of the Eucharist is to allow that God’s word speaks once from eternity into time, but to deny His presence [Read More...]


More on “It’s the Culture, Stupid” or “Having the bishops we want” I’ve been arguing that we pretty much have the bishops we want. Evidence for this is abundant. One obvious argument in reply is “The Pope should give us *leaders* not what the laity want.” One could, of course, observe that it’s hard to [Read More...]


For Seattleites (or Spokanites, Portlanders, or citizens of British Columbia Who Really Like to Drive) University of Washington Evening Lecture Series: Perry Lorenzo Music of the Spheres: An Exploration of Dante’s Divine Comedy If you think Dante is only about the inferno, think again. Join Seattle Opera’s Education Director for a witty and informative journey [Read More...]


I am shocked to discover that the letter below *may* be a fraud So, instead, I shall do what numerous readers suggested and announce today as the opening of my quarterly “Donor Drive Week” for Catholic and Enjoying It! My point is simple: If you like this blog and the news/opinions/humor/theology/commentary/whatnot that it provides, please [Read More...]


Okay. I’m sold. Where do I send my credit card number and bank account info? My Lordship/Friend, Now *that’s* what I call respect! A title suitable for a Holy Roman Emperor such as myself. Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am former Mrs Sikiratu Seki Adams, now Mrs Comfort Faith [Read More...]


Supreme Court *Just Barely* Keeps Larry Flynt from Conducting Private Sex Lessons with your Kid It’s the culture, stupid. On the bright side, the good guys won. On the down side, the good guys barely won. [Read more...]